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T-Break tips!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RunningRiot, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. lately when i blaze i just get high for about 15 min then I'm sober again. It sucks ass. The only solution....t-break.
    Problem is.. everything is just so much fucking better when I'm high. I can't do anything anymore without telling myself.. "this would be so much better if I was high.."

    WTF can I do to keep my mind off this! I wanted to go for a month, but I doubt I'll even make a week LOL.
  2. What is a t-break?
  3. tolerance break.

    if your weed tolerance gets too high, you can take a t-break to lower it again.
  4. I like to replace smoking with another activity. Like lets say i had a craving to smoke, i'd throw that thought away, then go running or immerse myself in a fps frag-a-thon.

    Also, learn to enjoy being sober :)
  5. Ya.. i've thought about playing some xbox to keep my mind off it... but xbox is boring compared to high xbox lol.

    I've actually been playing guitar for about 3 hours now. I would only play if I blazed before because I felt it made me more passionate when playing.. it does.. but I haven't play sober in so long and it just feels like I'm playing so perfectly. :)
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    You need tolerance.. to lose tolerance. It's all a matter of self-discipline. However, in my case it was stop or lose out on college/work oppourtunities. Can't show up to interviews blittzed and sound smart at the same time. I just can't do that for some reason. My expressions become very basic and less elaborate compared to the golden string of words that might be more effective in impressing the interviewer.

    Just set up a date, have tons of fun before that date comes around and then cut off blazing for whatever amount of time you commit to. Workout, go out somewher or hang out with friends or something (if they dont plan on smoking too :eek:)
  7. Yeah, definitely replace smoking with other things. Boredom will lead to smoking again, especially if you're bored with stoner-friends.

    Seriously though, go for the month. If you can't consciously resist smoking weed for one month, you have no business burning this plant. (Not directed at you personally, but this is how I feel in general)
  8. Listen man all you gotta do is start smoking hash oil
  9. The first few days are gonna be hard when you quit for a while. It's not that weed is physically addictive ( unless you mix with tobacco), it's just habitual. A lot of people are just so accustomed to doing everything while toking that quitting it altogether is simply hard to cope with.

    Play guitar like a madman for your entire T-break and when you get back to smoking, you'll have an entirely new appreciation for the instrument.
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    just don't think about it. my current situation doesn't permit me to smoke until further notice, its been 2 months already. i used to be an often toker but then i just stopped one day due to certain situations and i haven't looked back yet. i think you should stop going on gc, stop listening to music and doing things that you used to do while high and if you did get a craving for smoking, just quickly focus on something else in the room or area. works for me.
  11. after day 2 or 3 youll be fine. now that i have im on like week 2 and not even counting days anymore lol
  12. Working out is a good way to keep your mind off of smokin:D
    It gets easier as ya go. I'm on day 16/44 right now and I don't even think
    About it that much anymore.
  13. Aint nothing to it but to do it.
  14. and fap
  15. fapping sucks sober :(
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Half Baked Scene - Enhancement Smoker Jon Stewart[/ame]

    I felt that this was more than necessary
  17. Get on that mother fucking break for a while. If you seriously still think "Oh lord this would be sooo much better high" you must of just started? I dunno I see my friends who just start say that so often and its just like errghh. I suggest dabbling:D

    But just learn to enjoy things sober, or you will go to far gone and will not be able to keep it under control.
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    T-break, like a toke break man?? :confused:
    I haven't in like 3 weeks. But have NEVER had a high last me 15 minutes, that is just fucking ridiculous!
    Even if I smoked a 1/4 of a bowl, that little chill buzz would last me a good 4 hours.
    I have NEVER smoked THAT MUCH WEED! lol
    You need to check into the best rehab you can find! Pronto :wave:
    Kidding, but seriously man, come the fuck off of it like that.
    You need to just start getting a relaxed buzz after you go that month without. It is really pleasant to just get a light buzz and stay at that level every once in a while, it really enhances things. You will never get high like you did the first year you started.
    If you can't go without Cannabis for a week, there is a problem with you.
    You are smoking too much. IMO. I mean, I don't really think that is possible, but having a 15 minute high, that is unthinkable to me.
    Moderate and be more conservative with your indulgences.
    You can't just get blazed out of your gourd every day.
    It's just not sustainable.
    How do you afford it?
  19. I appreciate all the comments guys, especially the ones that are concerned about me smoking too much ahah.

    I know no one will believe me, but I really don't smoke THAT much. I'm not that kind of person that can be high ALLLL day long. Seriously. Waking and baking? Not for me. I like to have a does of reality for most of the day before I spark up.
    My average day, I will usually get up and go to work around 4. RARELY do I ever go to work high. Not because I can't handle it, but it's just kind of a respect thing towards my boss.. he's done a lot of shit for me, the least I can do is work sober. Depending on who I'm working with, I will sometimes hit the bong a bunch of times when it's getting close to closing time, just because I get sooooo in depth with my cleaning when I'm high. I just want to do a good job all the time. I get home around 11, and will just hit the bong a bunch of times throughout the night.

    Maybe I exaggerated a little when I said 15 min... but I know the initial high won't last a half-hour, at best. Sure, you have the little "high" effects for a little while, but usually feel sober as a bird.

    So ya..most of the time(unless I'm off or something) I will be sober for a good chunk of the day before I even have my first puff. I'm FARR from being blazed out of my "gourd" everyday hahaha. But I appreciate the input.

    But get this blades... I just had my first spiritual realization sober about my personal use of drugs.

    I almost feel like I've been using it for the wrong reasons... only getting high to "enhance" my normal activities. (i didn't get this realization from that video, just pure coincidence haha). I've rarely taken it to "understand", which is what I feel psychedelics truly are... a key to understanding. I need to at least attempt to try and gather as much information as possible. They are hear for a reason. Mother nature grows it naturally, so it must have some purpose right?

    But that being said... maybe it is just for enhancement. Marijuana at least. Because it does change my perspective on everything. It makes me far more creative than I could ever imagine.. The songs I create with my instrument contain so much passion and emotion. Nothing I could ever do before without it.

    What are your guys thoughts on that?
  20. after youve been smoking all day everyday for a week, ya it only lasts about 15-20 minutes for me as well. even with the most chronic.

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