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T-Break Tips

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DisguisedStoner, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Well latley ive been getting high but it hasnt lasted very long or i dont get very high so i have to smoke more which is a drain on the cash flow. so ive tried to take T-breaks but they always fail and i end up smoking. any tips on how to get by the urge to lite one up?
  2. smoke cigs when you want to light up.

    instead of wake and bake drink coffee or espresso.

    instead of smoking with friends get drunk.

    I attempted a t break recently and it was impossible. Weed is all around me and most of the time its free. Plus I get super jealous of being around peeps who are high when I aint.
  3. yeahh i cant deal being with friends that are high when im not. it just feels like i should be high too and i give in. but i cant deal with cigs haha what ive been trying is to pop adderall but its hard to get here at a constant rate
  4. other drugs? i mean if your interested in trying an other drugs, nows the chance. i started a t break last week, its gonna last a while. i got a g of salvia right now, gonna get an eigth of shrooms next week, probly gonna get drunk more often, and im on the lookout for perks and xanies. a very expiremental t break this shall be
  5. i took a 2 month tbreak yo, and honestly, cravings are really fuckin' hard to deal with in the beginning.

    i'd recommend take up video games or something. mario kart wii was my weed for my tbreak, you'll find somethin like that will help a hell of a lot.

    oh yeah, and check out salvia too. you won't want to do anything for a week after a good session with that shit. turn down the light, turn on the music, and pack a bowl.

    other than that, maybe flat out run when you want to smoke, train your body to forget it altogether and get high off of adrenaline?
  6. Not buying any, and end of semester assignments and exams worked out for being a pretty nice t-break for me. Going to celebrate with a new vaporizer and a half o in the new year. aww yeah.
  7. I got the same problem, everytime I try to take a T break I don't last more than a day, what can I say I luv weed! Best bet would bto slap urself really hard everytime u think bout it, pretty soon ull b thinkng more bout that purple swollen cheek on yoface, but don't take my word for it, I still can't take a tbreak DAMN!
  8. reminds psych professor this last quarter told us a REALLY successful technique for quitting a substance is to get a tight rubberband around your wrist, and snap yourself reallyyyyy hard whenever you get a craving.

    i dont know anyone personally who was successful with this, but she seemed pretty confident and said that a lot of people who quit smoking cigs and such.
  9. I've been using a vape instead of cigs, I'd recommend it a lot if you don't like cigarettes. I'm 8 days in atm hoping to make it 4 weeks and it's good for chilling or even just boredom.
  10. Drink tea. Find the one you like, and make some when you're feeling the urge. I put them in bottles when my id go to my friends who smoked. When they'd light up, i grab my tea.
    Its nice being high, but its not worth being broke or not being able to find a nice job over

    Edit: didn't realize the op was from 09; i hope you made it, man
  11. Don't have bud around you. Easier if you have nothing to smoke. I just did a 2 day break and I did have bud, was happy with myself
  12. This post is 7 years old .. Im pretty sure Op tried countless times to t break & ended up smokin up his entire budget, either that or hes sober as a priest ..
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  13. Self-control.

    Google it

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