T-break time!

Discussion in 'General' started by KingStun10, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. alright guys so lately i have been feeling a loss in appetite when i am not high, which leads to sickness from lack of food. Anyways im shooting for about a week but may stop earlier if i start feeling good again. This is the starting of my second day, yesterday i could hardly eat anything but today i woke up and had a bowl of cheerios already so im makin progress very fast
  2. That happens to me unless i vaporize in the morning and night
  3. I Havnt toked in 3 days , I might go for a 4th , or I might spark a bowl at 6pm
  4. yea i assume this happens to many cus my boy quit cus of this reason. i also asked my friend the other day who i blaze wit all the time if he was feelin it and said the same thing.

    What was the reasoning behind your break?
  5. Yea I had to do the same thing not to long ago. if you smoke cigarettes too it makes it even harder to get your apetite back without weed. But it sounds like you'll be cool.
  6. Good thing i dont smoke then! and yea ill be fine, lets just be glad that weed has such minor side effects. A couple years of blazing multiple times a day and i had to take one day off to dramatically relieve the side effects.

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