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T break time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nemajama, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I'm starting my first tbreak today. Have been smoking everyday for about a year. I really want to go for as long as possible to lower my tolerance as much as possible. :hello:
  2. Small world, break starting today myself
  3. don't do it it's not worth it lol.
  4. I got less than 3 weeks left of a 3 month t-break. It's hard, but I'll find out soon how worth it it was

  5. Ahaha wow good luck man
  6. Woah, I started today as well. Mine isn't for tolerance as much as the fact that I need to clear my head. Need to stop spending as much on weed (I save somewhere between 50%- 70% of mypaycheck, so that isn't a problem). I find myself never having spending cash because it all goes to weed. Also currently getting drug tested by parentals (should stop either in June. If not, I'm moving out in early august anyway), and I'm tired of fucking with em. It be cool to pass a test given completely at random without having to worry about it.

    I guess, since it's only a month and a week away, I'll probably go till 4/20. No tolerance means that a gram will probably keep me high all day :smoke:

  7. Same reason im stopping I spend about 200 on weed a week so I wanna stop to save a little money for this upcoming racing season. Planning on stopping the t-break on 4/20 or on 4/15 (big event at race track lol).

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