T-break time ending yay!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dro420/247, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. well it's been like a 3 weeks now that i have been on my T-break and idk how much longer i can hold out.I want to give it another week b4 i blaze up because i'm going to be home alone so im going to celebrate with 2 of best friends and an 1/8 lol.For the past 3 weeks i have been constantly thinking about weed.It seems that anywhere i look or anything i see reminds me of weed.I get these sudden urges to spark up a blunt but i can't.I made a commitment that i wasn't going to smoke for a month to let my tolerance go down but it's driving me crazy lol.I dont want to say im addicted to weed but Mary Jane has this powerful hold on me.All i ever do is think about weed lol,even when i'm working out,having dinner with family or just watching a movie,i'm always think about it in the back of my mind.......just one more week:smoke:
  2. damn i know how u feel
    just cant wait til that day comes :hello::smoke:
  3. I felt that a little on my last t break..
    the first 3 days are the hardest IMO..
    then its all the same until you get close to the end of your break..
    when it starts occuring to you again how much you miss weed

    just remember its not physically addictive man
    its all in your head

    3 weeks is a good achievement bro.. hold out for the month
    sounds like the end result will be intense :)
  4. dude, me and my friends promised ourselveselves a 2 month break due to exams coming up.. kept to it, however we finished exams on the friday afternoon and wed booked to go to amsterdam on the tuesday.. wed all agreed to wait and get fucked in the bulldog (coffeeshop) and not to smoke until we arrive in a'dam... safe to say we were blazed by 4:20 on friday evening, oh well... i advise you try and hold out to make that first hit even more satisfying, i wish id waited for amsterdams finest rather than my dealers average herb

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