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T-Break Problems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caboose, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. i wouldnt call myself a heavy smoker
    but for the past few months ive been smoking a couple times a day
    and vaping a bowl before bed:)

    this week i decided to take a t break
    it been 3 days but yesturday i began having problems
    i had the uncontrolable hiccups all day
    and pains in my chest

    one of the main reasons i enjoy mj is because it relaxes me
    ive had digestion (stomach and shit) problems all my life
    so bud helps but since i stopped it seems like its gotten worse

    is it all in my head or whill this pass with time?

    thanks gc
  2. If your using it for medical purposes then it's much more important to continue using. Medicine should come before getting a really good high anyday.
  3. Wait another day.
    If the problems persist, 4 days should be enough to lower your tolerance a bit.
  4. i am taking a t-break and today i had hiccups and i never get them.
    they went away after a while and i had a little heart burn.

    could be a weird coincidence or something but i am fine now.
  5. There is no such thing as "lowering your tolerance". Its been proven, although what does happen is when you take a break, your high changes for the better.
  6. really?

    proof with this claim since you have a total of 11 posts right now.

    if you can prove it, i will +rep you.
  7. #7 CannabisSol, Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2008
    I'll edit this when I find it, I read it somewhere a while back..

    EDIT: Alright I couldn't find that exact article, but i'll explain it the best i remember, the reason for not building a weed tolerance is because you cannot become physically dependent on it. It compared it to LSD, since LSD cannot build a tolerance either since you can't become physically dependent on it. Its simply your high that changes. For example: If someone gets high off 3 hits of a bowl, they'll still get high off three hits after a month of daily smoking, but the high will be more chilled, which will make some people think they aren't high.

    Thats all I remember
  8. CannabisSol:

    Marijuana tolerance is very different from any other drugs. As you are aware of probably, you experience your high through cannabinoids bonding with the specific receptors on your brain. With marijuana, your brain actively regulates the amount of receptors available for bonding solely due to how often you use. Therefore, the more you smoke, the less receptors are available for bonding. Your body natural tirates the dose. After you break, your body will generally build up receptors, allowing for more cannabinoids to bond to your brain than before, and you get much higher.
  9. thanks guys

    i was hoping it would lover my 'tolerence'
    in recent months ive noticed it ggo up

    i went from conserving a dub of some dank a week
    to now smokin a dub a day
  10. Umm... LSD doesnt build tolerence?? wtf it rapily builds tolerance almost willing to see faster than any drug.
  11. Is there a way to make your brain produce more cannaboids?

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