T-break; masturbation edition

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Smotpoking, May 16, 2011.

  1. I started this yesterday in hope that it'll make me seek out girls instead of pr0n. Do you think it would work?
  2. no-one wants to know.
  3. this shits impossible...i once lasted like 2 months though because it just seemed super unapealing (idkwhy)
  4. wait fuck, soz bout my comment. i was being a cunt just to be a cunt. ignore :)

    Wish i had the willpower tbh!
    lol jk
  6. I couldn't do it. :\
  7. Do you think it will work if I can display sell control? As in make me motivated to pursue girls.
  8. Or you can be like me.

    1. Smoke
    2. Beat
    3. Drink
    4. Use confidence to get ze bitches
    5. Mild hangover
    6. Repeat
  9. haha i once thought that was enough motivation. just to save you time if your not seeking out females now, not masturbating will not make you seek females. it will only cause you to be more stressed
  10. i just had a ten second episode in my head deciding if i should do this. i decided on "fuck it"
  11. i tried this awhile ago and sadly enough i only lasted a day
  12. I did it once, made it a little over 2 weeks (wasn't getting any pussy at the time either). Eh, it wasn't that great, didn't really make me any more motivated to get girls. I will say though, that first nut after a long time not cumming, holy shit does it feel good, like, way more so than usual.
  13. Confirmed. I only waited 2 days and noticed a difference.
  14. Dude it works... I made a thread on this awhile back. It really does boost your confidence for talking to girls after 3 days. The trick to it is to just have self control. If you know watching porn is going to make you want to wack it, then don't watch porn.
  15. Your penile will get tired.
  16. Dude your pretty damn high

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