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T-Break..leading to insomnia -.-

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tract, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. yeh title says it all really ^ im on a 2 week t-break and ive really been finding it hard to sleep.

    Note: i never blaze to fall asleep / blaze then fall asleep. Just incase anyones wondering
  2. Do you work? Not trying to be an ass, but I'm on a t-break too and I have no trouble passing out after work. If you do work, try working harder so you're more tired at night.
  3. Yep i attend college each and everyday ^
  4. I have the same problem :(

    However, when i take tolerance breaks I add to my normal routine activities that replace smoking, like sports, more gym, u know. Will help flush out your system more while giving you something else to get tired from.:hello:

    Same thing happened when i tore a ligament in my wrist, stopped going to the gym, started having to much energy i guess to fall asleep.

    Even if u just get stoned and sit around, the thinking you do tires you out
  5. love to go gym but i really cant.. i have really shit lungs i get outta breath just doing 5 mins of any exercise have to cut down on smokin cigs / weed
  6. Exercise would do you good. i had the same problem and i've had trouble sleeping since i was 14. My doctor prescribed me various medications to help me sleep but that just makes things worse because eventually i needed then inorder to sleep. So try and stay away from those....that includes otc shit like benadryl.

    you could try;

    Sleepy time tea or a glass of wine an hour before you plan to get ready to sleep.

    Reading - i hate reading novels so they really put me to sleep

    Meditating - good for getting you in a relaxed state of mind

    Try and do more durring the day - if possible

    Wake up early - this and reading definitely helped me getting into a good sleeping pattern.

    well thats all i know...good luck to you sir and trust me, t-breaks are worth it!

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