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T Break - How Long

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JamicanRum, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. So, I'm going to take a tolerance week or two, I am going to eat clean and back to the gym, I usually can smoke two joints before I am high as a kite, do you think a week or two tolerance break will be enough to get me high on one joint?

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  2. I'd say two weeks would be good, but don't make the mistake I made and smoke a tooooon your first night back because then your tolerance will go right back up

    Happy toking!

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  3. I just came back from a 7 day break, didn't do much. Just extended the high for like twice or 3 times as long. Yeah it was slightly noticeably stronger, but not much. I'd go for 2 weeks minimum
  4. Yeah 2 weeks,
    Incorporate more foods heavy in citric acid
    Take fiber doses
    Clear your system and enjoy.
    you'll notice the week
    you're really notice the two weeks
  6. Go for two weeks. It's worth it. Then when you do smoke again take it slower to keep your tolerance from shooting back up.
  7. You got 2 options:

    1. Smoke every Fri-Sun and take a break from Mon-Thurs.

    2. Smoke after you workout.

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    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  8. It takes me about 4 days to rid myself of high tolerance. And it's so rewarding to wait. That first high hits me like a ton of bricks. I love it.
    What does it mean to eat clean? No fast food or junk food?
  9. really would like to but I couldn't. Helps me keep very calm through the day and helps me concentrate. Otherwise I'm extremely adhd.

    Let's Smoke About It....'s-First-Grow-Green-Crack
  10. Yes man it means eating healthy, no junk food, no crisps, butter, chocolate, fizzy juice basically just a caveman diet with loads of protein for muscle growth etc!

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  11. I wouldn't say I'm a medical user, however I sometimes would smoke it because of my back but that's getting better now, on the other hand I seem to take in more information, be more motivated to do things, unless it's a heavy indica strain my mind will be motivated but my body just chills!

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  12. exactly got some green crack growing here it's great for adhd keep you going through the day but keep you concentrated due to 25% indica traits. Use to take Aderal but made me a zombie and didn't want to eat.

    Let's Smoke About It....'s-First-Grow-Green-Crack
  13. I think someone may have mentioned it already, but take a minimum of 2 week break. And during that break, eat a lot of fiber, and fruit, and drink plenty of water. You're trying to flush your body of thc, so when you smoke again, you get higher off less. When you smoke again, I suggest you, take a hit, and wait 3-5 minutes. Then repeat the process. It's a good way to see how much gets you high without wasting weed and without smoking too much because then your tolerance will shoot back up. Which is the opposite of what you want
  14. You only really need 3 days. Switch to bongs. They will hit you harder and get you higher.
  15. I would try to go longer than 2 weeks, but even after a week you will notice a difference in your high when you smoke.  The longer you wait the better though!
  16. Hell no all you need to do is smoke every 24hrs or workout on consistent basis.

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    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
    I was answering the OP's question, but don't really know what you're talking about?
    How does smoking every 24 hours count as a tolerance break?
  18. You get high every 24 hours cuz you took a break for 22-23 hrs instead of a week or two.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  19. that should be plenty especially if you're working out, I'm a heavy smoker and i went on vacation for two weeks and was sober was eating and drinking however i wanted on vacation but when i got back i was still having no tolerance

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