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t-break help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 iz bakk, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. so ive been wanting to take a tbreak for a while and now would seem like the perfect time. ive been smoking multiple times daily for about 9 months, and was wondering how long it would take to get a
  2. relatively low tolerance (im lookin for "low-frame rates" tolerance)
    ive heard people say a few weeks.. but i smoke ALOT, and know a few weeks wont do much
  3. lol whats with the 2 posts

    anyway, 2 weeks should do it, 3 would be better. 4-6 if you really want low tolerance.
  4. sorry hah. computer is at the shop so my phone is my only browser atm, which limits 200 characters per post lol
    but really? 2-3 weeks would really lower it significantly? seems a little bit short
  5. 2-3 weeks is PLENTY if youve never taken a break b4
  6. i think the standard is to wait a month to clear for a DT so id say that should be good enough for a t break. obv it varies a little for each person, but your just lowering your tolerancy not actually taking a DT. and i dont think you have to completely eliminate your THC levels so i wouldnt even wait a month. couple weeks. good luck
  7. taking a break before wouldn't change future t breaks significantly, even though I'm sure they do make some difference.

    Anyway, blade's right, 2-3 weeks is plenty
  8. alright.
    in 2-3 weeks ill get back to you guys on how it went =p
    one last question
    what if i end up smoking a couple times through it?
    would that just make it a complete waste?
  9. oh and just so you know, you got it backwards, smoking more means a t break will be MORE effective, not less effective.

    for instance, a week t break may not make much of a difference to a person who smokes 4-5 times a week, but a big difference for a daily smoker smoking a few bowls everyday.
  10. its called a break for a reason
  11. No, but it will cut into your t break. I recommend you wait it out, besides, that'll make the day you end the break better :hello:
  12. okay thanks everyone for the help
    i never even though that smoking more would make a t-break more efficient
    and yeah, im gonna go ahead and take my break starting tomorrow for 3 weeks =]
    thanks blades
  13. God bless you sir. I'm on day 3 or 4..... Idk. I was gonna do one week which coincides with having no more money. I've only been smoking at night since june... I knew coming here would be a bad idea but Fallout 3 crashes constantly so its annoying. I don't think I need a break anymore.........:smoke:

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