T-Break from HELL!

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  1. I've been looking for a new job lately, so I filled out 3 job applications yesterday. While filling them out, I discovered that they all require that I take a pre-employment drug test.:eek: So I decided to stop using cannabis for a while for the sake of getting a new job and my tolerance level.

    I'm 6'2 and 160 pounds and I use cannabis twice a day for a neuromuscular condition that I have called Dystonia. I decided to stop cold turkey today and let me tell ya...this is one of the worst days of my life. :(

    I am having worst headache ever! I've had it all day and I have been awake all night because I can't sleep. This is really making me question how dependent I am on this stuff. Headaches are not a part of my disease, so I think that I am having extreme withdrawal symptoms.

    Does this kind of crap happen to you when you have to stop using cannabis for a while?
  2. Don't stop cold turkey then. Cut back gradually.
  3. The problem is that I already submitted the job applications. If I have to take a urinalysis test within the next month or so, I want to be ready.
  4. Quite a few submit job applications, its the follow up you do after turning it in mainly determines who's hired. For the drug test issue, if you're in a medical state i wouldn't worry to much about it, but if not you made the right choice. Going cold turkey isn't the best way, but its the only way i seem to find that works. My advice to you is workout; the headache may be caused by lack of appetite, or you could be dehyrdrated from just going cold. Best of luck to you
  5. I live in washington, but would the fact that cannabis is legal in my state have a true affect on the drug testing policies of these companies? I have a mmj card too.

  6. Dystonia?
    Da Stone ya?
    Good one. I can buy that.
  7. It is a real ailment. Not a joke. Google it....or Bing it lol.
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    For any future detoxification(t break) I would recommend practicing conscious breathing techniques, yoga if ur willing to do it, and natural remedies that clear ur body of any toxins (not saying thc or any cannabinoids are) but consuming cannabis does have by products that need often be cleared through distilled or deionized water, exercise helps tremendously and staying true to a positive intended result instead of being bogged down by the symptoms will increase the elation you will feel when its said and done...then get higher:) raw organic honey, coconut oil, and many fruits facilitate natural and vital clearing of toxins.

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