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T break for heavy daily smoker (7 years)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Yougotreefed, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone. It's been 7 years since my last break, which was when I was 16. I've made it through 24+ hours as of now and am going to attempt to make it through till the end of the week on Sunday. I've been smoking about 2.5-3 grams a day for the past 3 years and probably in the ballpark of 1-1.5 before that
    Any advice or tips on how I can make this easier on myself, or am I doomed for a week of hell?
    Also how much of a difference in tolerance can I expect after this amount of time? I'm pretty much up to the point where if I smoke a whole 1.5g joint to myself I'm stoned for about 30-40 minutes
  2. Suffering is not necessary. You chose this T-break so you control this T-break. This is what you want. You chose this thinking it will bring you some form of gain. So enjoy it. Use this time to become a crazy home scientist and explore your thoughts and feelings in the "sober" state. Realize how similar it is to the high state... A good few minutes of belly laughter will give you a nice feeling, refresh and center you. I do this regularly - because it's fun. Enhances focus and creativity as well as free-thought.
    Lastly, don;t feel like you are giving something up, because you WANTED to do this. You are not giving up, you are gaining by your own judgement and that's what matters.
    Maybe read some books that makes you think and learn something about reality. Just flow buddy, you know what to do.
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  3. That is probably exactly what I need to hear. I have the desire to prove to myself that weed doesn't control or define me, I've lost people who think otherwise and that is what prompted me. Now for sleep... is there anything you recommend taking to ease myself into this? Last night i slept for about 4 hours, probably the most restful 4 hours I've had in a long time but not going to suffice on a daily basis
    Also should I attribute these hot flashes to the break? I was quite positive there was no real physical effects of withdrawal but this seems quite real.
  4. I don't really know about all that. Only thing that came to mind was jogging or exercising to get yourself tired enough to sleep deeply.

  5. Cannabis is not only meant to be smoked, always switch it up to keeep tolerance at bay. A week t break after smoking Seven years may not provide you with what you're looking for. One day of an extreme high like your first but after that it quickly builds. Tolerance is non existent at higher levels of consumption. Unfortunately not everyone has access to unlimited amounts of medicine. Which means you need to keep your consumption at a small amount starting again, especially if you're only way to consume is smoking.
  6. I do enjoy edibles, is this what you're referring to? Or vaporization etc.
    I plan on consuming much less when I return to smoking, perhaps 1.2 (3 joints) grams a day and cut it in half from the normal. I also plan on getting my partner to ration it out for me to ensure this happens.
  7. For sleeping don't even try taking pills or anything not worth it in long run, try waking up earlier or reading a book before trying if your not into books even a movie just something to relax you. But when your break is finished I would definitely come back and take a big bong rip and be more stoned than you have in a long time :biggrin:
  8. Good luck man. I've been smoking 30+ yrs. Daily for 20+, and most of that as an all day smoker. I have yet to take a t-break other than a week here or there if my guy was dry. But never had an issue with withdrawals not having it. Nor did I feel like I was in need of it. Now I'm not sure if my level of high has stayed the same or if it's the fact that the weed I buy (and now grow) is more potent than what I was buying off the street before I made quality connects. But, I still get ripped off of 2 blasts off my little pipe. If I don't smoke anymore, the high usually lasts a good hr. Which ain't too bad for 2 hits. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
    But, it's all up to you. Take control. Weed itself isn't addictive but one can feel as they are to some extent. But usually when weed is being used as some sort of crutch. And other times, it is just a habitual thing and part of a daily routine. Kind of like taking your dog out to do its business every night before bed, and you then have to put ol yeller down. The first few nights as you go to bed you are messed because the routine has changed. It gradually gets easier as a new routine comes into play. You'll be fine. Keep positive and change up the routine a little. Sorry for the ramble. I just took 2. Haha. Peace.
  9. By today the hot flashes and nausea have passed, and not sure how much was in my head and how much was real, yesterday I did definitely feel very strange. Like my face was pulling itself tighter if that makes sense.
    Thanks everyone for the advice and words of encouragement. I'm on day 3 and so far this has been the easiest. I think the hard part is finally over :) I'm totally looking forward to that massive bong hit at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Hey man, I know you will have finished your t break now, but I have had a very similar experience when I gave up, weed is not addictive but you can get addicted to the high, and I definitely was. I experienced similar to you, the sleep was a big issue, I started going to the gym, but I don't think that was necessary, what was more so was making myself get up at the same time each morning and going to sleep at the same time each night, like the guy above said its very much getting back into a routine. How did it go in the end?
  11. It was actually a very rewarding experience, even if it only was a week. By day 5 the symptoms eased and I started feeling much better, still hot and sweaty for some reason, but better. Smoking was like I was in grade 9 all over again, got more stoned than i had been in years. I have also managed to cut down the amount i have been smoking to about a gram to a gram and a half a day as i am still not needing as much to get a satisfying high:)
  12. All sounds very positive, I'm happy for you buddy, you also now know that you can stand up to it. Good luck with any future T breaks and happy smoking or bunning (the equivalent over here in the UK)
  13. i recently took a 2-3 month break after daily 10+ years. after about 1.5 weeks i felt really good. very clear, quick, outgoing etc. Amazing dreams too, so friggen real, it was incredible. But, as I always do, I went back to smoking. something about it is just so fitting for me. A break is great now and then to make sure that weed hasnt taken over your life. after 3months clean, i felt like weed did not have a negative impact on me or my motivation so i started up again. gotta say, the first feew times smoking, i almost thought about makingi t my last. i was so stoned, uncomfortable almost. when you smoke all the time, its not so strong, so when you take along break, wow....i was so paranoid and didnt feel great, but now back to normal lol.

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