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  1. Hello fellow blades!
    I decided that I'm going to go on a 2 month Tbreak starting today and got an idea.
    I will post in this thread daily (or atleast weekly) about how I feel and what's going on in my head.
    The point of this thread is to help people are thinking of taking t break but are hesitant because they "can't stop".
    You can stop, and you should. It's worth it in the end. Trust me, I've taken plenty of T-breaks.
    Now I know I probably won't go through the same things/ have the same thoughts as someone that smokes more (or less) than I do, but I just wanted to tell the city about how I feel.
    Remember, I'm just one person. And in no way am I saying that it will be just as easy or easier for anyone else to take a break. Everyone will react differently. This is just my story.

    Day 1: I started my break today and I'm feeling pretty good still. I find myself thinking about the herb alot and wanting to smoke, but I just push those thoughts out of my head and keep going on with my day. So far today I have been offered to be smoked out three times and have turned down every offer (politely ofcourse). I also told all my friends that I usualy cheif with that I'm on a break so hopefully they won't keep offering to smoke me out. Other than that my day has been pretty normal, but now it's time for me to hit the hay.
    Sorry about the real short entry, but I need to wake up early tomorrow and it's getting late.
    Untill tomorrow.
    Goodnight GC. :wave:
  2. sober living is sooo dull :(

    marijuana is like the missing ingredient to life.

    gl on your break, i know i'll be taking a long one soon :rolleyes:
  3. Im doing the same thing, I started university on Sunday and I don't want to live my life stoned anymore, I think I could achieve a lot more if I didn't blaze every single day. May I ask what type of smoker are you? I'll hold my hands up and say I am extremely dependant on weed to be myself. I have aggresive tendencies and have trouble sleeping and weed keeps both these in check, but I don't want to just be a 'stoner' all my life. The last 3 nights I've got drunk as fuck and have decided that alcohol just really isn't all that great, but is essential for pulling girls. I'm gonna give it a couple of months before I session on the green again. I don't want to QUIT, being stoned is far too good to be missed, but I just want to get out of the habbit of being permanantly stoned, it's far too expensive when you're smoking 2gs a day, which is what I've been doing for quite some time now. Weed is mentally addictive as fuck, despite what anyone tells you. Those who argue that weed is totally non addictive are morons who do not know what they are talking about. I've found that hand rolled cigarettes are very useful for combating weed cravings. However, if you never use tobacco in your joints/bongs etc then I wouldn't recommend smoking straights, because unless you are already addicted to nicotine, which you no doubt will be if you smoke weed everyday and use tobacco in your joints, no matter how vehemously you tell yourself you aren't, then you are unecesarily causing horrendous damage to your lungs. Good luck pal, I look forward to reading your updates.
  4. Mr. Stoned: I am a a daily smoker, and I use cannabis to enhance life. It just makes everything so much better, I don't know how else to put it. I also use it to help me sleep (I noticed it was a little harder to sleep night.). So I do depend on it a little for sleep, but this happens every time I take a break and after the third day I can sleep with no problem.

    Oh, and good luck with college man, just make sure you balance out the partying and the work and you'll be good.
  5. Personally, I prefer to take many shorter T-brakes to keep my tolerence down. Try only toking on the weekends. You should see a big difference.

  6. Yeah I completely agree. Being high just makes everything that much more bearable and makes nearly all of lifes troubles seem... well laughable. But at the same time it's not good when all you want to really do is get stoned and chill, because you'll end up doing very little with your life that way. I can't see myself every stopping for good, I mean when I retire Ill be growing and toking allll day long :) But for the next few years I want to get my head down and get a good job, and I wont do that if Im habitually getting blazed all the time. And yeah I totally agree about the sleep, I usually go for about 4 days or so of bad nights sleeps before my sleeping pattern sorts itself out, but still doesn't compare to the instant lights out you get after a session. I'm looking forward to the savage increase in energy and alertness though, and actually being able to properly THINK intellectually. When you've had a break for a few days so much vocabularly gets unlocked that you were previously too mermed to use and grammar construction is so much smoother.

  7. lol that made me laugh, im not trying to be mean but i was just thinking the same thing. I actually said to my roommate, "When im sober i can actually talk like a human being and not make sentences like a 5 year old."

    Good luck to both of yall, i cut back my toking to the weekends as soon as i reached college, it was by far one of the best decisions i made. I work my ass off during the week so that by the time the weekend comes along i can actually spend sometime getting high and not have to worry about school, homework, girls, all that shit.
  8. I'm tolerance breaking till 2010. It's gonna be a long road but let me tell you, the best thing to combat a tolerance break is a lot of exercise. I just picked up skateboarding again also and that is a good time.
  9. Well, it's day two, so time for my second entry.
    Day 2: Today was actually a pretty good day. Had a few more people try to smoke me out but again, I refused. So far I haven't really noticed any changes other than I'm more attentive now. Today wasn't so bad with the cravings, I only thought about it a few times. Other than that, everything is going pretty good, and I'm feeling great :)
    well, I'm about to hit the hay again so I'll be back with another update tomorrow folks!
    Goodnight GC
  10. never taken a T-break in my life...ive never had too, i would say im on track to smoke weed for the rest of my life tho...havent decided if i want to do anything about it or not lol...
  11. I was gonna take a little break here since ive been smoking quite a bit the last six months or so. But then my buddy came back to town with some stuff he grew himself so I had to try some of that out :)

    Itll prolly be the last quarter i get for awhile tho cuz i am dead broke.
  12. Good luck!! I'm not a fan of T breaks lol. I don't ever have to take them, but i'm sure they're not fun. Oh and good luck with your college!!! :)
  13. This is a great idea man! Next weekend it's my 20th birthday so I'm going to get super stoned and probably pretty drunk too, then take a T-break after that. I'm hoping to go for a month. This will let me know what I'm in for, good luck!
  14. Thanks for the good luck wishes everybody, things are going pretty good so far.
    I actually have a question for the people that said they don't have to take breaks or never have taken a break. Is it that your tolerance never gets higher or is it that you just don't smoke alot?

    Day 3: Today was by far the easiest day I've had. Come to think of it, I didn't really even think about smoking today. I seem to be more "awake" now and I'm actually pretty happy today. :)
    also, since I started my break I've been riding my bike for an hour every day and eating healthier. This doesn't have much to do with the break itself but it kind of relates to it. I used to try to be healthy when I would blaze, but when I would get the munchies a Twinkie seemed far more appealing than vegetables so instead of a healthy snack I would stuff my face with sweets and chocolates. Now that It's been three days the initial cravings have gone away and I don't really feel like I "need" to smoke any more. So to sum it all up, I'm feeling good (if not better) and now, not smoking doesn't really seem like a big deal to me. I also think it's alot of mind over matter, so if you say that taking a break isn't a big deal, and you say that you can do it, then you can. Like they say, "You can do anything if you set your mind to it."

    Well, it's that time again so it's lights out for me.
    Goodnight GC. :)
  15. Good luck bro! My month long t-break ends on Saturday, your making the right decision!
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    To start off today's post I want to apologize for missing the past two days. I have been having a lot of family problems lately and things have just been real hectic. Now that I finally have time to get on the computer again I will be continuing my journal. I would write entries for yesterday and the previous day, but with all the problems lately it has just been an emotional rollercoaster and it wouldn't really be relevant to my T-break if I wrote about how I felt the past two days. But everything is better now and I am ready to continue what I started.

    Day 6: Today was actually a very fun day for me. I hung out with a bunch of my friends and I haven't really felt this "alive" in a while. Everyone says I seem more happy now rather than just being chill all the time. I kind of see what they are saying because I do feel a little bit different, but not to the extreme that they said. Anyways, I just wanted to clear up a few things that I talked about previously.
    Sleep is no longer a problem, like I said before, i can sleep fine after a few days.
    T breaks realy are mind over matter (well atleast for me).
    Smoking is the last thing on my mind now, I have bigger and better things to do and doing them sober is actually alot easier than doing them stoned.
    Since I started my break I have lost a little weight and I have gained a little bit of muscle (been working out everynight ontop of the bike rides).
    T breaks aren't as hard as you may think they are, if you can get past the first few days then you will be fine. I really encourage anyone who is thinking of taking a T break to stop thinking, and DO. :) Trust me, it will be worth it in the end, even if you only break for one month.
    Well that is all I have to say tonight and hope to post again tomorrow.
    Goodnight again blades.
  17. Ah my T Break failed, there's only been one day I haven't toked up this week and I've been drunk a lot as well. However, it IS Freshers week at University so it's silly to try and stay sober. I think if I could quit for a month I would probably quit permanantly if I really enjoyed being constantly fresh and sharp.

  18. Truth brother
  19. Good luck with your t-break man, sometimes it can be hard ;)

    I really need to have a month-long one soon.
  20. I have been enjoying your T-break journal, and have been following it for the past week since you started it. So glad to hear that positive things have happened as a result.

    Keep up the good work! :D

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