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T Break And Detox

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonedman, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Im taking a 2 week tolerance break in attempt to lower my ungodly tolerance and I want to do some natural detoxifying. Why the hell not? What are some good natural methods of cleansing the body?
  2. yea I'm right here with u bro. just started my break today. things that I would do is drink a good amount of water,exercise, and maybe get in a sauna or something if u got the chance. excersise is best thought because the thc is stored in fat cells.
  3. Haha I dont have much fat that I could possibly lose. idk if thats good or bad. Either way, I work at a firework stand in texas so ill be doing enough sweating and working out for 10 people. The storage containers are +130 farenheit. Ill probably drink and eat alot of cranberry stuff too. I already drink tons of tea. However I did just kind of cheat on my t break and smoked a roach. Anxiety man.
  4. yea me either I'm weighing about 145 being 5 ft 9. and the first few days are always the hardest it was rough but I managed to get thru yesterday

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