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T-Break Alternative

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stoner_Logic, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this has been covered before, but for me, instead of taking a t-break I just smoke less daily. Normally I smoke about a G and a half of dank everyday, which translates to about 7-10 bowls or bong loads. If I drop that down to 2-3 smokes a day, I get a lot higher, and my stash lasts so much longer.

    Anyone else favor this method over the usual abstinence methods?
  2. Yea, I do the same thing.... just cut down alittle. I try and smoke 1g or less of dank a day which is about a quarter a week. I was thinking about how much money i spend on weed.... and a quarter a week mayble atlittle more is atleast 100$. So i spend anywherev 400-500$ a month on weed. That 400 could go to a nice car payment..... but fuck that id rather get high!
  3. Tolerance breaks can be damn handy from time to time, but the method of breaking depends more on the instigator of the break. If you get busted and need to test clean, don't fucking smoke. Its not that hard; go read some Penthouse or go skate or something. Smoke a stoge or something sans THC if you're really feendin'. If its a matter of your cash flow running short, just don't buy. You've probably got bro's who know where you're at, smoke with them, and get them back next time. But remember, they know where you live, and have seen where you sleep. If its a straight up matter of not getting high enough, or at all, or using obscene amounts to get there, just stop for a day or two; you'll notice the difference the first bowl back. In the case of the latter situation, I usually just like to take 1 day off, then play it by ear from there. If I still don't want to smoke, its whatever. If some chick calls it up and wants to get down, f'sho.
  4. you dont have to buy straight up dank to get high...

  5. If you want to read a study explaining why this works please refer to this thread:

    Basically, when you smoke alot, your brain cuts back on how many THC receptors it has. When you smoke less your brain turns on many more THC receptors, thus making you feel it a lot more.

    So in the case of marijuana, less is more. When I work my tolerance to the point that 1-2 hits gets me baked, i'm getting much higher than when it takes me a whole 5 hit bowl to get high.

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