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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sassafrasquatch, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. k just for warning im just tellin this story cause i need to tell someone, lol it was a grand ole time. (prolly boring unless u totally gone)

    ya just thought id post the course of the last few days. yesterday i went to my friends house after work to eat some of the free food i got, he ended up just comin over alon with another friend. when we got there it was pretty late cause i had work and we played some vid games b4 we left. when we get there tho all my fam is asleep so we immediately just sneak out the house and go hotbox my friends car...ok my one friend who didnt have car, he had not smoked since like a year b4, cause he had all this like stoner denial or something lol but neways his first in a hella long time, and when we totally hit that 4th bowl, he was just bouncing off the walls heh. we let himout of the car and we all went swimming and then just lay down and look at the stars. this was like 12-2 am and then my friends retired, and i chilled on grasscity for awhile. today my friend w/o car and i went to the movie "League of Extrordinary Gentlemen" and it was horrible! donot see this movie...
    neways after that we just came home and got ripped, watched some stars, watched some LOTR, and he fell asleep and i jusst illed and illed.
    hmm a boring story but i feel better now...night grasscity
  2. sleep well.[​IMG]
  3. lol that sounds like fun mabyi should get my friend who hasnt smoked in a while

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