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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 21, 2003.


what system of government would you most like to live under?

  1. Facist Dictatorship

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  2. Religious Fundamentalism (whatever religion you follow)

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  3. Republic

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  4. Authoritarian Socialist Democracy / Authoritarian Communism (they are basically the same thing)

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  5. Despotism

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  6. Hippy Socialist Communism

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  7. Monarchy

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  8. Liberal Democracy

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  9. Ideological Anarchy

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  10. true anarchy. survival of the best armed

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  1. hmmmmm.
  2. interesting choices, but has there ever been a government that was exactly what they say they were/are?
  3. precisely the point i was going to bring up if loads of people voted for liberal democracy, since that's what most of us are supposed to have. that's what the propaganda tells us anyway.
  4. i have serious with serverly liberal people. no offense i just cant stand the politically correct, tree hugging mentality.
  5. nothing wrong with tree hugging in my opinion. it does no harm.

    but political correctness went too far... it became a form of censorship, and stopped people from saying what they think.
  6. the very term 'political correctness' brings up interesting thoughts.

    ultimately the only people that can decide what's correct in any sense is any single person and only when concerning themself; some would say god decides our fates by 'telling' us what we should do (the bible, qaran, or any particular holy book) and that doing anything else is deviating from some great plan, but there are and always will be those who don't believe in god so that system of 'correctedness' (dunno if that's a word...) is useless. We as humans naturally pick leaders which in an evolutionary sense makes sense because if you concentrate all of the decisions in one place you can react faster with a tolerable level of success, but in all of our current systems it's far too possible for those unsuited for leadership to take control. But you can't just ignore the human urge to fall in, nor can you completely stifle the human need to be free, both of which are more prominant in some than others. Thus is the beautiful contradiction of intelligent life. As much as I want to control my life (and I certainly try) I still feel helplessly alone sometimes in both a social sense and in the way I think. We can't progress without our natural but flawed heirarchy but neither can we learn anything without the few that are willing to be different. Because of this we have an ongoing pattern (perhaps cycle) of two steps forward and one step back. Without the need to change nothing happens and what creates that need is the very thing that's happening in this world today. People are in power that aren't working for the rest of us but for themselves throughout most of the world. When there's no immediate need for change someone steps up to create a percieved need for change so that they can get what they want, thereby inadvertantly perpetuating the cycle and causing a real need for change. There will always be rulers and there will always be rebels and the rebels are usually right in some sense.
  7. you have no idea how poiniant that is to the current moment.

    i can't beleive two people have voted ideological anarchy, and yet no one else seems to have kicked up as much fuss as i have concerning the rules here at the city... sorry for draggin in another thread.. but its quite prominent in my mind.

    just call me the perpetual progressive rebel futurist! :) ...

  8. I voted for idealogical anarchy....and yes I am upset about the showing of rules....I'm gonna obey them, but I felt it was being thrown in our face kinda....I just love this place more than my opinions, if you understand what I mean
  9. anarchies don't work, especially in this day and age.
  10. idealogical... ie. in a perfect world
    the city should buy an island and all go live there in one
  11. sounds like a good idea- but your cousin would get thrown off for farting in the direction of the mods.

  12. I don't think the mods would throw anybody anywhere for farting...

    The rules were posted so that the newbies to the board would read..

    The moderators get tired of spending countless hours of deleting and editing post because the newer members post things that should not be posted.

    The older members should already know what is and isn't tollerated..

    We had less spam on the boards and less post of BS.

    But to satisfy a few 10 out of 6500 members who found it offensive, I have moved the thread out of your view..

    this doesn't mean that the boards won't be moderated by the rules.. Just that us moderators will have to spend more time moderatin and less time helping people..
  13. *walks a fine line*

    I just wanna say that I never planned on going against the rules and thought (think) that they are unnecessarry but certainly not offensive. Chill out Switch. i keep saying that no one forced Digit to leave but Digit.
  14. Is this still going on? At least y'all being civil and not stomping off mad. Go ahead argue it out. I love listening to point-counterpoint exchanges. I'll be sitting here with scorecards judging your responses. Why? Because I found some scorecards, and the family is tired of being scored on everything they do, and so is the cat, (6.7 for sleeping in sun! She just was'nt selling it!)

    The rulez. I read them too, and thought, hmmmmm, I've been breaking the law. I was even a cop at the time! Frankly, I knew they was gonna set somebody off. And Digit, my man, you were on top of that list! Switch and Krazi, you were up there too! But if the rules had'nt come along and stirred things up, something else would have. It was just time. Get this many folks together, the electromagnetic balance gets tossed back and forth, resulting in lightning. Or something like that.

    But ya know, if you have a real problem with rules, there's this place called Yahooka, and you can go express yourself there, and get, "Fuck off and die" "Go ride a bike without a seat" "Fag" type responses. Firm believers in the freedom of speech thing there. Don't want to think about the responsibility that comes along with that right, though.

    Y'all know that the mods here are a layed back bunch. They are not a bunch of powertripping egos. Just trying to the City a nice place to come.

    Now, I'm going to get my scorecards. Who's first?

    EDIT: BTW, I voted republic.
  15. I'm just gonna stop talking about this. All I've ever wanted to do was get Digit back not just because I want him around but because I don't want this to happen here. If you wanna judge an argument go over to the it's war thread and judge that, I'd like to know how I'm fairing in a battle that matters to me. This is just a useless argument (if there is one anymore) about a fuzzy issue.
  16. i'm back, i'm back.
    one quick correction krazi, as you don't know all of what went on... No one forced digit out but Digit and critter. both to blame.

    now lets hear no more of this shit ok.

    you cant expect to have a place full of such wonderfull people let one person slip away into darkness can you? i don't know how i thought that... but it's over now i hope... so lets get on.

    at last i can respond to this thread! yay.

    ... right first off is republic...
    ha... ha... ha. i really hoped some people would choose that... not because it's a choice i like... quite the opposite... but i will now take GREAT pleasure in pointing out to any republicans out there that under current governments....

    America=Fanatical Fundamentalist Religious REPUBLIC
    Iraq=Fanatical Fundamentalist Religious REPUBLIC

    ok, now that i've pointed out the similarities... i should also mention the glaring differences...

    Iraq's population understand they are being oppressed. the lies they are told are glaringly obvious, but they get killed if they don't tow the party line.
    America's population, for the most part, don't know. ...because they are cleverly being lied to and conditioned to believe the party line.

    secondly... why has no one voted for facist dictatorship? because no one would knowingly do so.
    ...maybe "knowingly" should have been in caps there.
  17. EDIT: Nevermind

  18. nah man... u cant do that shit to us... u gotta say whats on your mind now man. trust me, u got freedom of speech here... dont be afraid... hehe
  19. I was gonna say that the US is technically a republic even tho we claim to be a democracy. I like idealogical anarchy, but it wouldn't work in a real life situation. It's like communism in that it works on paper, but human nature totally ruins it for everyone. I hate the idea of rules and laws that I must follow even, but I try to be a good person. I'm an honest human being who has never killed, raped, beared false witness. If only anarchy could work the way it does theory.
  20. yeah its a real shame anarchy can never work.
    never even exist. :(

    the moment you get it you create a power vacuum, and pockets of power form. its just not possable to maintain a equal power society.

    but im sure we can do a shitload better than we are doing now.

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