System Of A Down

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  1. They are so awsome.
  2. They were my favorite band for a while in 8th grade.
  3. Highway Song, Ego Brain, Chop Suey!, and Soldier Side. Best tracks they have! :D
  4. Awesome band. New album on the way to.

    I didn't really like Serj's solo stuff, especially not his second CD. So I'm pretty happy they're putting out some new material
  5. What this decade needs is another breakthrough band like System; one that will bring rock and metal back into the mainstream, but with a whole new style to it. Tired of all this gangster bullshit.

  6. I agree, although I think we need another upsurge of hardcore punk, like in the early 90s, to give today's youth a way to vent their frustrations at the system. Of course, old punk is perfect for this, but I would love to see a comeback so bad.

    None of that pop-punk, Good Charlotte BS either.
  7. While your idea sounds good for the majority, I will have to admit that I hate punk with a passion.
  8. I love System Of A Down and Disturbed.

    Could anyone recommend some similar artists?
  9. Saw System at Download Festival this year, absolutely mindblowing show, one of those times where you know you're never going to forget about. Felt like I was having a genuine religious experience as I sang along to Lost In Hollywood. Then again I was baked out of my mind.

    Still, one of the best shows I've ever seen, only topped by Frank Turner the following night at Download.

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