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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gorrilla, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. i have been growing my five jack herer plants now for about five weeks under a 600w hps lamp , i am making up a concentration of canna flores ,and feeding 500ml per plant over about 20 mins once daily, i am growing in house plant soil and setting the ph to 6.0 , lamp is 1 foot above plants and slowly rising on a 12/12 cycle now, i have fresh air coming in and an extractor taking stale air out and a circulatating fan giving motion, the temperature during lighting is between 75 degrees and 86 degrees and the humidity never drops below 41% and above 65% dark period temp 63 degrees .

    PROBLEM : i am getting yellow leaves around the bottom of the plant and are turning brown and crispy , all flower growth seems to be happening at top, well i think this is my first grow

    my questions are:
    1, what should the ph be
    2, am i feeding them ok
    3, is my temp and humidity alright
    4, should i ever be watering from the top feeding them the way i am
    5, it says on the back of canna range mix up 10L water and add 40mL of A and of B stir well , that is it it does not say how to feed because it is designed for hydro but is also good for soil but i am still guessing on how much to feed them
    6, how long till you should see what looks like bud
    7, my plants seem to be developing crazy leafage is that the start

  2. 'Ello. Let' see if this helps you at all.

    1. 6.0-6.6 is optimal.
    2. It sounds like you have it under control, but what is the N-P-K of the ferts? Any trace elements?
    3. They're great.
    4. I see no reason as to why that is harmful to the plant, but then again, I could be mistaken.
    5. If you mixed the ferts and water to the correct ratios, the ferts should be fine. The amount you water depends on the size of the plants; my 2' 6" ladies get 500mL every 2 or 3 days, with ferts once a week.
    6. The first signs of buddage should show up after a week to two weeks.
    7. Foliar growth goes on until two weeks into flowering or so, and then it slows down to a crawl. A few leaves will still develop on the bud sites, but other than that it should be pretty chill for a while. Watch for the male or female flowers that should be coming in around this time.

  3. thanks for reply good info

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