Discussion in 'General' started by Royale 420, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. How many of yall have done or heard of syrup. Well, here lately thats been my drug of choice. It makes u feel great. I love the stuff especially the yellow.
  2. syrup usually refers to robitussin ac, which has codeine.. its prescription.. i can probably get it but its now worth the effort.

    EDIT- "now" worth the effort = not worth the effort.

  3. WRONG, read my post above. robotussin AC has codeine, which you can not buy over the counter. you want robotussin max strength if you want DXM.
  4. yeah i am actually, ill delete that, the truth is DONT DO IT, its really bad for you. I know for a fact that this drug is bullshit, its poor mans pcp. thats all.
  5. illcid, check out erowid to learn more about dxm, you obviously dont know much about it. poor mans pcp? please. the experiences are definitely not the same. bad for you? if you drink the syrup, with only dxm, its relatively safe actually. although, several high dose trips MAY lead to osleys lesions in your brain. have fun.
  6. if its the syrup with the DXM in it the safest thing i think to do is just extract it. I make sure that I pick up RObotussin every time. I found out that if you get the generic shit it just doesnt seperate in the chemicles right.
  7. All I have to say is DXM is awesome, and to hell with everyone who says I'm stupid for liking it :D

    But yeah, if you're going to robotrip, use Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough...that's the best way...and the safest.
  8. how in jeebishes name can you people down a whole bottle of that stuff?? Do they have those in the caps?? I'd try it if they did

  9. Very carefully :D

    Actually, I haven't done it much lately because my stomach was getting sick of the taste. So I'm going to try and extract it and put it in gel-tabs. I don't like taking pills either, but I can't handle that taste of fake cherry any more.

  10. yes you can extract it, its quite easy actually. then you can buy little gel caps and put it in there. you could also order th epowder off the net, but im not sure where anymore.

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