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  1. I understand it is cough syrup with promethizine and codiene, and I know about all the recipes. But where and how can I get ahold of some syrup.
    Ive been told lots of positive things about its effects on creativity and id like to experiment for my self.
  2. uhh do you mean DXM?

    EDIT: Nvm, quick google search told me otherwise. Sorry, just never heard of that before.
  3. whats fucked how its so common in canada right..then fairly unheard of through the US until you get down south!

    im in washington and beena rec. drug user for years, and ive yet to get any legit LEAN.

    ive come across hydrocodone syrup, which im trying to aquire ATM.. but no legit codeine prometh. sizzurp!:(:(

    but dude..opiates are opiates..and they will IMO enahnce ya creativity.. i like to draw when i start to nod out, it helps me STOP nodding, and i tend to have a lot more patience and good ideas..:smoking::smoking:
  4. I found a bottle in the medicine cabinet from when I was younger but that is gone now and I have not heard of anyone selling it around where I live really. If you are sick and have a bad cough the doctor might prescribe you some that is how I had the bottle from earlier.
  5. I feell ya. When my thoat gets worse Im going straight to the doc. All I can do is hope.

    But soon I'm going to get some delsym and try DXM. I think Im going to go with the extraction posted by GLOPIPOP.
  6. yep, that is codeine syrup. i live in northern nj and i can get lean pretty easily. 30 bucks for a whole sprite bottle full of lean.
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    Well im from T-dot so to get a hold of prometh codeine on the streets isnt hard but you gotta have good hookups. If you go to the doctor with a bad cough hell usually perscribe you antibiotics first. these things are shit they just make you feel weak all the time. The best way to get it is when you have a cough tell him its pretty bad and hell give you the antibiotics, just dont take them and toss em then go back after a week and say they arent doing shit and its getting worse. Hell probably give you the prometh codeine if he believes you. Easiest way.
  8. i just get mine from a friend i hook up with buds

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