Syria and Iran engineered hurricane Sandy?!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HelloFriend, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Pro-Assad page claims Syria and Iran engineered Hurricane Sandy

    Its also on my local newspaper (europe) ....

    and I am sure if u google it, u find many other sources claiming it.

    but u never know ofcourse, im just saying....

    I checked some comments and some people think that Iran and Syria wouldnt do it right before the elections, that its ridicilous.... so I dont know. Maybe just another USA trick to get a reason to attack Iran and Syria?
  2. Yea I don't think many educated people would believe this.
  3. Im actually more sure that its USA own made story so they had a reason to attack Syria and Iran or I dont know guys.... im just guessing... because with Afganistan it was the same thing, they could have cared less about Osama lol hahaha. they went after the gold and other stuff. I wouldnt be surprised.
  4. "The most common comments were strings of 'haha'".

    God... I love news articles sometimes
  5. So they spend copious amounts of time to try to fuck over the us with a hurricane, when they could just launch a missile and get it over with.

    Makes no sense, like literally none at all.

  6. Most conspiracy theories having to do with weather control don't.
  7. if thats true, then that was one kick-ass rain dance.
  8. for you everything is conspiracy u dont even have to comment about it :D

  9. I doubt "everything" is a conspiracy to him, just this stupid weather-controlling bullshit you keep bringing up.
  10. Ohhhhh yeah they killed 33 people, they really showed america :rolleyes:


  11. Yep, u are right. Thats why im guessing that its one part of USA plan.

  12. oh hey I already had forgotten about you :D good to have u back.
  13. I think people grossly over estimate our capabilities as a species. We can't even string together an accurate three day forecast, never mind create and control an insatiably complex super storm.

  14. Still using those playground debate tactics I see.

    I'll comment on anything I want.
  15. Just a question, what would america gain from literally trying to destroy a portion of the east coast of their own country?

    I really don't see what the purpose would be...
  16. [quote name='"Blaze"']Just a question, what would america gain from literally trying to destroy a portion of the east coast of their own country?

    I really don't see what the purpose would be...[/quote]

    He's saying the us created articles claiming the hurricane was their doing, to give us a reason to attack them lol

    I bet those articles were written by the same people who think chemtrails are fuckin comin to get us
  17. Factually,
    many educated people are aware of GMO's in our food supply. There are also aware of HARRP & their potential to create artificial earthquakes, as they recently tested in Haiti (Great spot to test for them, the economy there was already fucked up anyway).... they are also aware of chemtrails (artificial cloud spraying)...... so with all these scientific atrocities, it is actually very possibly believable imho.

    Um, actually, it does.
    Because launching a missle would be a definite 100% sure fact that they intend to harm us, and therefore they would most likely be retaliated on - as oppose to a circumstance as such where many skeptical people are still on the fence regarding the matter. It can be an attack in disguise. "Some are wolf... in sheep clothing"....

    And to the guy who is joking about only "33 people dead"... um, this was just a preliminary test, buddy. buckle up. :bongin:


  18. The idea promulgated by Alex Jones was that the "Elite" were trying to postpone elections next week. Apparently this is important to their game plan, as Obama would have been able to usher in martial law.

    It's amazing that people are still holding onto conspiracy theories about Sandy, because it rather failed at doing the maximum amount of damage it could've done, since it broke up over land. The storm was supposed to last into today. It died Monday.
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