Syria admits it has four more chemical weapons plants, says UN official

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    - Samantha Power (@AmbassadorPower) October 7, 2014\n
    Diplomats said Sigrid Kaag, the special envoy overseeing destruction of Syria's chemical stockpiles, told them during closed consultations that three of the facilities are for research and development and one is for production, and that no new chemical agents have been associated with the four sites.

    Well slap my ass and call me sally! 
    Ill be curious to see how Russia reacts to this, seeing as they were the ones who orchestrated the whole disarming chemical weapons plan.
  2. Has Israel admitted to having nuclear weapons?
    Just wondering if they have yet.  I may have missed the admission.
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    i wish more countries would be honest like this and admit that they have undeclared weapons of mass destruction.
    Not sure what Israel has to do with OP.
    Maybe you can start a thread regarding that, instead of bringing up Israel every time a thread about a conflict-ridden Arab state is posted?
    all your threads are about Israel, some up front and some through the back brown door
    But Assad promised the UN they had destroyed all CW facilities :rolleyes:
    If the Syrian dictator is able to murder thousands of Syrian civilians, there is no doubt in my mind he will not hesitate to use CW.
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    Actually, notice how the article, nor my post, has nothing to do with Israel?
    But hey, by all means try and legitimize the actions of a brutal dictatorship by using Israel as a scapegoat.
    No but its commonly well known and they have a fair amount of them. They have the materials and know how. Just like many countries have bioweapons that they do not declare. WMD is rather easy to make. As time goes on you will see more and more have them.
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    Yes Israel stole that know how from the US.

    The war mongering bigoted state of Israel is a far bigger threat to world peace than the Syrian government which has faced an onslaught of religious extremists.

    A chemical peel is just what those ISIS boys need, if the US had any sense they would be begging Assad to unleash the peel...

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  10. Classic. Dodge the question

    I'm gonna ask and I want a straight answer

    Does Israel have a nuclear weapons program?

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  11. Actually NM jd I did the research myself

    Israel does in fact have nuclear weapons.

    Why the hypocrisy? Why is it OK for Israel but not Iran?

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  12. Syria wasn't a party of the CWC until 2013, so the existence of the plants aren't in contravention of international law. They were coerced in to joining the CWC by the US government, but they exist as a party with declared chemical weapons, like the united states.
    Also, Israel is almost certainly a chemical weapons state.
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    I don't think anyone denies that.
    Iran signed the NPT, which makes it bound to the rules. Israel did not sign it.
    The big difference is that Syria is under civil war with the threat of rebels taking control of those chemical weapons.
  14. Aren't the rebels the good guys?? :laughing:


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  15. ISIS? Not really.

    Once Assad is gone, the place will turn into a wild west scenario.
  16. But Isis are the ones we trained to fight the Syrian government using the justification of Chemical weapons

    Do you think Isis was a good trade for destabilization?

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  17. Whos REALLY funding Isis ;-) ;-) ;-) As an Arab myself, I can say this... The Arabs are slowly but surely selling themselves out to the big pigs. Saudi and Egypt sold themselves to the big devil pigs a long time ago! Thats why Saudi is so rich. And thats Egypt is up and down all the time. Kinda like the sophisticated first class escort wining and dining with sugar daddy (Saudi) and the doped up hooker on the corner (Egypt) Who is Isis really? Who created Isis? And who are those big pigs behind Isis. Hmmm I wonder... ;-) And how does funding AND arming a terrorist group (PKK) make anything any better? Are we going fckng backwards in life or what? Makes you wonder whos really behind Isis.. Supporting PKK is supporting terrorism. Keep arming those thieving gypsies and watch what stunts they will pull next. Might as well fund, train and arm the rest of the scum while theyre at it!
  18. Oh hang on.. They DID. ALL of them!

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