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Syracuse Bud and Headshops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by IGotGreens, May 10, 2009.

  1. I'm going to school next year in Syracuse NY. Does anyone know about the quality of bud up there or any good head shops in Syracuse or on the way to Cuse through NY, coming up from MD? Any suggestions would be appreciated:D
  2. If its a major city there should be at least one head shop. Using illadelps store locator Illadelph Glass Official Website: Locate A Retailer Near You
    I can see that there is one in albany, a lot in NYC and some other ones scattered around new york state.

    If you're going to college, then dont worry about having problems finding bud right now , you will be tripping all over it. :p
  3. there's a couple, but here's one near Syracuse University:

    Down Under

    804 S. Crouse Ave.
    \t\t\t\t\t\tSyracuse, NY 13210 \t\t\t\t\t

    \t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\tPhone: 475-4039
  4. I actually go to SU. The bud around here is good. I usually get $30-35/eighth for some nice, crystally beasters. For headies, its usually $60/eighth. For headshops, there's three in Syracuse: Down Under, Exscape, and Zonen.

    Down Under: this shop isright next to the university on Marshall St. I advise not to go to this shop cuz the owners don't seem too friendly, and they tend to steeply overprice their glass, even though their glass is cheap china glass.

    Exscape: this shop is also on Marshall St. It recently opened on 4/20/2009 and is a sort of chain (has another store in Albany). They sell quality glass (RooR, PH(X), ADS) at a reasonable price and customer service is exceptional.

    Zonen: this shop is like a 15-20 minute ride from campus. Along with being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they make many of their glass pieces, sell quality glass (Hurricane, Zong, Phire) although a bit expensive (compared to Exscape), but you could easily haggle down the prices cuz customer service is good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Hope this helps, and good luck in school.:)
  5. /endthread.
  6. Yea I'm in the cuse right now haha the best head shop in the city is down under leather and it righ on the U on Marshall street they got pipes bongs incence grinders screens anything you want and some boss clothes and tapistries I could hook u up wit a dealer if u need just let me know I'll giv u his number Althou all he ever has is dro and Cush and he sell pills and shit 2
  7. I used to live in syracuse when I was younger and first started smoking. The bud was always good, especially if you went down near Erie boulevard. Times could have changed since then though.
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    Exactly this. I go to school in Skaneateles which is like 20 minutes West of Syracuse so I can't tell you necessarily what the bud there is like because I don't typically buy from 'cuse, but the few times I have I was not disappointed at all; very crystally beasters with lots of hairs, nug that normally would've been priced at $20 a gram (20 a gram is very popular in the Onondaga County area >.>). As far as the shops though, exactly what om said.

    Exscape has a pretty nice stock so there's a good chance you'll find something that tickles your fancy. Three weeks ago I picked up a really nice inside out CCG sherlock bubbler from here for $40, something that would be priced for 80-100 on the GC shop. The last time I went I didn't really glance around too much, but they have some very quality expensive glass there as well.

    I haven't been to Zonen yet but I would really like to make a visit there sometime in the future, it sounds like a great shop to frequent.
  9. I live in Syracuse..weed is good and price is good.

    I recommend Exscape out of all of the shops, customer service is the best that I've seen and they have an under $40 bong wall. Zonen is also good too, but because they are open 24/7 their prices are a little steep.

    There is also a small headshop in Baldwinsville bordering the Liverpool area called Super Kind Imports, not really worth the extra 15-20 min trip but it's a nice village headshop. It is on Rt. 57 in a plaza where the road meets Rt. 31. Very cheap prices there and they also sell clothes.
  10. do any of these shops sell volcano vaporizer? Im going to school there next year, obviously cant fly or mail my volcano vaporizer to there, i was hoping to just buy a new one and sell my current one to a friend for a small loss.
  11. i attend su but i dun have ne connections up in cuse..
    can neone hook me up with a connection in cuse?
  12. I agree, zonen is awesome! some stuff is pricey but it's really nice. regarding a hookup, who knows, I've been in the area for a year and am desperate for a reliable connection.
  13. I know this reply is like, a year late, but for anyone else looking for a good headshop in Syracuse, I'd go to Exscape on Marshall St. They're awesome, friendly, great prices, give you lots of free stuff with purchase. But they don't carry legal herb, so if you're that kind of smoker, you're much better off at Zonen (which is highly over priced). I've made purchases from both places and been happy, but hey, I'd go to Exscape over Zonen anyday. Much nicer, much cheaper, SO MUCH LESS SKETCHY.

    **sorry for gravedigging**
  14. haha now i'm grave-digging sorry people!! but im heading to Syracuse in a couple weeks and spending a few days there but i was wondering if anyone could give an insight on whether these shops were still open???
  15. ummmm im currently a student at SU and i gotta change this up a bit haha... down under is really nice, exscape is my personal favorite (soooo classy workers are the shitttt)

    now Zonen... Zonen straight up sucks. whenever I go the guy behind the counter is just so sketchy. the security there is souped up to the max and straight up unnecessary. I walked in once with a tripod and camera (im a film major and was filming something in the area) and the guy tweaked out on me "what is that??? is that a gun??? why do you have that? leave it at the door" i was like wtf. plus they have huge ass "DONT TOUCH- NO EXCEPTIONS" signs everywhere. so not chill. by far the worst head-shop i have ever graced with my presence.

    my rankings of the SU headshops:
    1. Exscape
    2. Down Under
    3. the internet
    4. A crackhead on the side of the road selling a corn cob pipe :p
    5. Zonen
  16. yup all of them are still open
  17. There is an Exscape on campus
  18. I chatted up 3 guys outside down under for a connect, but no go...

    pm me if you might be able to help out. i'd be super grateful and baked you cookies. i just finished smoking stems and scraping bowls...

    p.s. are there posters here who are also redditors? (i.e. /r/trees?)
  19. I'm visiting Syracuse tomorrow. I wanna smoke some New York weed anyone help me out with that?
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    Haha come down to buffalo ill hook u up

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