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Synthetix5, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CosmicTrips, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. So my friend bought Synthetix5 in anticipation of a urine test, he heated it up with the heating pad and everything and went into the lab but ended up getting a oral test instead, so he never ended up using the urine. I have a urine test coming up for a pre-employment drug test, so he gave my the bottle and told me that as long as the temperature is between 90-100 I should be fine. My question is, with Synthetix5 if it has already been heated will reheating it change the urine somehow? Also, I've been reading some things about Synthetix5 and a lot of people have said that their tests came up diluted, but those posts dated back to like 2010. Has anyone used it recently and had the same result?

  2. Unfortunately there are a lot of people having problems with Synthetix 5 and some other brands. They will not pass a lab test. I could go into the reasons why but bottom line is they do not work. The only one I know and trust to pass any lab test out there is the Serious Monkey Bizzness brand, The Monkey Whizz and Monkey Flask. From experience and 100's of other I personally know...I guarantee it will work for anyone and everyone. 
  3. February 2015, Massachusetts. Synthetix5 worked for my wife, she just passed a pre employment drug screen. It can be reheated as many times as you want, just follow the instructions regarding the temp to the t and you are good to go.

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