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synthetic weed shows up on 10 panel?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tpdnd456, Oct 18, 2014.

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    i am getting 10 panel drug tested on 11/14 for my school nursing program and i am getting tested at  occupational hospital and i been stop smoking pot for about a week.i am not really worried about passing because i am relatively thin but its been really really boring..... so i am gonna smoke k2 for just little bit till my test is over... i know its bad for you but does synthetic marijuana (k2) show up on 10 panel screen?.....

  2. k2 WILL shred your lungs and poison your body.
    don't even compare it to cannabis, it's closer to synthetic dog shit.
    you're better off not smoking anything and just pass the time by
    doing something / hobby / productive. work out. go jog a mile.
  3. That shit is horrible...if u do anything to pass the time drink some beers...but don't smoke that shit...also this is all against the rules
  4. You obviously didn't read the rules Here's the part you NEEDED to read!
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    Next, as someone old enough to be your grandmother, (67) I strongly advise that you run a few searches on the subject of that group of drugs BEFORE you do something REALLY STUPID!
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    please don't I almost lost my life because of that shit. I saw things, had multiple seizures, my friend couldn't find a pulse and when I was in the hospital they were doing cat scans to see if my brain was ok cause they believe I had a small stroke. I have never had health problems. If that story don't help u, maybe not even being able to smoke weed at all without having anxiety attacks when I never ever had them before. I had to go to the doctor and he told me I had PTSD. It look a couple years before I could smoke weed again even tho I knew weed wouldn't do it to me... but the high reminded me of how I felt so it triggered on its own, do yourself a favor and just throw that shit away. I'm not the only one who has had problems, people have died, gone blind, have strokes and become paralyzed. It's not worth the risk and that shit is also addicting.

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  6. Bro, that shit is horrible. But I really don't think it shows up on a standard test. Actually, I'm like...90% sure it doesn't. Instead of worrying about the drug test, worry about your brain on that garbage. 
  7. We can't discuss that here please read the guidelines.

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