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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laurin1989, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Hey, I'm going to buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 5.7 for my drug test and I'm wondering what is the best store to buy it from?
  2. Some headshops have it, depending on where you live.

    Other than that, just google it. There's a million places.
  3. Do the headshop synthetic urine's work even if there not the Quick Fix brand?
  4. Will a permanent marker work even if it's not a Sharpie?

    Lol, yeah as long as it's synthetic urine.

  5. Wtf, I just called up my local headshop and they talk all sorts of fucking wierd. I said do you guy's have synthtic urine for drug test and he was like that is a felony. I'm like wtf, your a headshop and he said you can use your synthetic urine for a prank...I was like wtf. Why do these headshops talk like this?
  6. They have to adhere to strict laws if they want to stay open.

    Just like how you can get kicked out for calling a Water Pipe a Bong.
  7. So I gotta go in there saying can I buy some "Synthetic Urine" I'm using it for a prank.???

    Also, the brand they have is P/Sure, will that brand work?

    Cause I was going to buy Quick Fix online, but if I don't have to buy online I'll buy P/sure, but I'm wondering if it's 100% work.
  8. Anybody know bout P/Sure? Realli need correct info to, cause I can't fail this drug test
  9. Really I don't think the brand matters at all. If it says it's synthetic urine, you will be fine. Just make sure it's unisex.

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