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Synthetic Urine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xxsoonerxx, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I am ordering some Quick Fix synthetic urine tomorrow morning and I have a question or two.

    I am gonna need to have the urine on me daily (don't ask) and I plan on just taping the bottle to my groin area. I know it comes with a heating pad but since I need it everyday, do you guys think it would work to heat the urine up for 10 sec. in the microwave (makers of product recommend this) before I leave my house and just have it taped to my groin ready for my test?
  2. that should do it, it will keep it at nearly exactly your body temp
  3. Alright man thanks, just to clarify - it will work without using the heating pad right?
  4. The urine will be the same, the tempature is something they use to weed out people trying to use synthetic urine. idiots will use cold urine, as it is a dead giveaway. I would suggest stocking up on thoes hand warmers for snow boarding. They keep it hot. Experiment with layers around the bottle (like a cloth, then heater pads) to get it the right temp.
  5. you can simply keep it in your pants for a few hours and it will warm up to body temp, you don't even need to mic it, when you get the box it will have instructions on how to heat without a microwave. the pad is good for like 4 hours i think?
  6. Alright thanks man,
    yeah I was just gonna use the microwave to get that heat boost since it can be mic'd over and over. I was thinking I'd be good to pass any test if I mic'd it and put it near my boys :D
    I will only use the pad once, since I have to do this daily.
  7. all it is is a hand warmer you would use for skiing or ice fishing or hunting, you can buy them in bulk for 50 cents a piece, so you could even have one every single day

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