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Discussion in 'General' started by ScaredNurse42, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. so I felt the need to post on here after finally getting to take my drug test today and successfully sneaking someone else’s urine in there. I had bought synthetic but while reading reviews about some people failing about some test with bright pink stuff in a strip I decided to take some urine strips from work. I tested my pee and the fake pee. The synthetic (quick fix plus 6.2) had this bright pink come up immediately under the njtrates where as normal urine should be nude in color meaning no nitrates. I watched videos on labs being able to tell in humane urine from human thisway. I’m not sure everyone dip sticks it but if your drug test was as important as mine I wouldn’t risk it. I had to pass a drug test for grad school nursing program and knew I could detox in time. I was freaking out but went with using someone else’s urine who I knew was clean it worked and i am so relieved. I also contact quick fix about what I found and they are supposed to be getting back with me on it. I had checked my batch and it was good. There as no reason for it to do this. Everything else in the urine dip stick was normal specific gravity and ph to be exact. I did love havingthe quick fix bottle with the quiet top and temp strip on it though.
  2. So, where are we going with this?
  3. Evidently the labs that are being hired to do drug testing are not doing the same test if it is such a give away. Quick fix, and other synthetic urine brands, have had a very high level of success in passing standard pre-employment testing procedures. Also, any dip style test can have a variation in line color due to manufacturing. Even with the same sample different color results can occur.
  4. Xstream is the best kept me smokeing and the Probo officer off my back in highschool.

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