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Synthetic urine question....thanks for any help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by biglebowski, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Just purchased QUICKFIX synthetic urine, which was recommended by the headshop owner. Apparently its there top seller, and is pre mixed and contains a heating pad, but i was wondering what you guys recommended to help keep the temp down when i have to have it on my body before emptying out my pockets at the clinic. Advice appreciated. :smoke:
  2. mods, anyone? i know someone here has to be well versed in synthetic urine and passing drug tests :confused:
  3. I've always heard that strapping the container to your inner thigh will keep it near body temp.

    Not too sure, though. Don't have any first-hand experience w/ that.
  4. anyone else?!:confused:
  5. last week i used a product called ultra klean which came with a heatingpad like those hot hand pouches and a rubber band. the heating pad kinda sucked and kept it to about +/- 93 degrees so it wasn't very hot. i taped it to the inside of my leg with normal tape because i was short on supplies. i haven't heard anything about me failing it yet so i'm guessing i did fine. so yea my only problem with it was actually keeping it hot, mine kept getting cold :/

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