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synthetic urine- good or bad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CTWho68, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I got random court ordered drug tests. i am not gonna fail cause i ain't fuckin going to jail. but i am also not gonna mess around with detox cause they are random.

    so i am gonna use synthetic urine (unles someone has a better idea)

    i have taken one of these tests before, i go into a seperate bathroom then my po and i piss in a cup. she just puts it on a pad and it tells her what drugs i have taken. the main thing i am worried about is temperature, cause i doubt many people piss room temperature.

    what are you all's thoughts on synthetic urine, and how is the best way to pass a test with it.
  2. When I was on probation/house arrest an officer or someone else goes into the bathroom with you. Also at juvenile hall (where I had to piss test for my house arrest) there are three separate mirrors around the toilet and they look for real skin (yeah I know it's gross but convicted felons lose a shitload of rights). So that's out of the question..

    I'd say detox drink or don't smoke at all. Because for me if I got caught bullshitting a test I would have gone back to juve...
  3. the fake piss stuff is a powder, u mix it with warm water...
    ur not incarcerated (sp?) so they cant watch u, and its illegal to film in bathrooms. hope that helps ;)
  4. Well If you say your not going to fail, then your only real option is to be clean. If they find your cheating by wrong temp or something wrong with the the fake urine, then your fucked anyways.
  5. Show some control man, just lay off and come back with no tolerance...

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