Synthetic urine and labs?? I need help

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  1. Labcorp made me pee twice because one of the samples was to hot. The sample that was too hot was synthetic urine.. I ran out of pee so I used my own piss the second time I'm not worried about my pee because I've been clean for 35 days I just used the synthetic just to be sure..the problem is that the labcorp dude was being a dick from the beginning and sent both pisses to the lab now I'm scared as shit n don't know why he would send both of them to the lab n not just one... Are they going to test it n see one of them is fake? This is for pre-employment for a family owned buisness ... He made me pee super fast and called it procedure n even started raiseing his voice at me. It was totally unnessasary. I'm guessing he will try n make my life impossible and do anything in his power so that I won't get the job
  2. just don't admit to anything.. things are never 100% thats why tests have ranges.. testing equipment can fail.... they use "synthetic urine" to calibrate the ms/gc machines they use for analysis.. it should not be flagged as "fake".. make sure you keep an eye on the temperature... 90-110 degrees is usually the range.. but again.. it was only the temperature that was off, the lab cannot test for that,,, don't stress.. or worry about it. and fuck that lab technician.. i would have fucking choke slammed that punk bitch.. jk jk I would have tried really hard to fart near him..
  3. I wish I knew friend. I am wondering synthetic or $50 masking agent/tea for cable company sales. And I am an legit MMJ user.
  4. synthetic urine all the way..

    the only time to use something else is a supervised ua.. like court ordered.. or proba-tion..
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  5. Lol!!! U have made my day thanks a lot of answering me man I thought I would've never gotten a straight or positive answer. I've been shitten bricks ever since. I will update the results as soon as I get them thanks again
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  6. i took a test at labcrop April the 27 I don't smoke anymore but I be around people that smoke I took one niacin and had lots of water I still have not got my results back
  7. I passed guys thank you.
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  8. Help me

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