Synthetic THC?

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  1. Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to put this question so I just stuck it under General, I apologize if there is a better section for this to go under.

    I was curious if any of you have any helpful sites on information regarding synthetic THC. (I am looking at several that I've found with a few google searches, just curious if you guys know of any better sites)

    If it helps at all it is for my final Chemistry paper - I am comparing and contrasting synthetic THC to the natural THC found in marijuana. (By the way, I'm not looking for anyone to write my paper for me, I'm simply looking for any helpful information that any of you may have stumbled on.)

    Also, feel free to use this thread to simply discuss synthetic THC thoughts, opinions, experiences, ect.

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. I think synthetic thc is sold under the medicinal name marinol. Though the checmical composition of the THC is exactly the same as the the one in marijuana, I've read that the effects are very different because the high is a mixture of THC and other canibinoids. Thats pretty much all I know on the subject

  3. Thank you for the input!
  4. Yeah Mustard Tiger has it right. Synthetic THC is sold commercially as Marinol. I dont know a whole lot about Marinol, except that it isn't like smoking bud, since cannabis has a bunch of other nifty cannabinoids that help mitigate some of the unpleasant side effects pure THC can cause, like paranoia and anxiety/panic attacks.

    Aside from basic information, like chemical composition, here's a link that I found on synthetic THC, hope it helps. Couldn't find more than one useful link, unfortunately.

    Synthetic Solution
  5. Yeah he's got the right idea.

    Marinol is the prescription synthetic THC. Although THC is the main active ingredient in Cannabis, it is not the only one. The combination of all the cannabinoids in Cannabis give the desired effect, as opposed to Marinol, containing only THC, which gives less pleasant and effective effects.

    Wikipedia has more on it, but make sure to use the sources that wikipedia uses, not the actual website.
  6. Marinol is nasty and most refuse it that are smokers due too the adverse side effects, like throwing up constantly.
  7. Its perscribed to some cancer patients to relieve nausea so I doubt it makes you sick
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    In the marijuana plant, there are another 400 different compounds and some of these non THC chemicals may add to the effects (definitely a few are active alone).

    In Canada they have Sativex spray tincture that is made from real cannabis plants. You need a doctor prescription for it though in Canada, I would prefer to use this over the synthetic THC in Marinol (I get the generic Dronabinol) I am prescribed here in New York. This spray on method takes 5 to 15 minutes to feel effects, oral dosing THC takes over an hour to get full effects. I prefer this method for best ingesting THC and other cannabinoids from the pot plant.

    When I take marinol, 10mg will give me slight munchies and not much good for recreational effects. If I take 40mg (I am 200 lbs, 6'3) I get a nice buzz for 3-4 hours, if I take more than 70mg I get panicy and at 100mg (2 times 50mg, 2 hours apart) I started hallucinating people and freaking out! I do not think I could smoke enough pot to hit 100mg of THC since each gram of mid may only have 10mg in it (I would have to eat 10 grams of buds to get this close).

    So what do I find the difference effects of synthetic vs natural weed? Well pure THC without any other cannabinoids is more pschydelic and doesnt feel as "real", plus more chance of feeling paranoid in recreational dosages. If using synthetic THC like marinol for medical purposes, it works fine in small doses (5mg to 10mg) to stimulate hunger, 10 mg reliefs nausea, at 20 to 30 mg it makes for pain relief and helps with my depression but a body load starts. When I smoke weed, I feel as I am participating in a ceremony (rolling) and enjoy the flaovors. I feel more uplifted after smoking and less body load. Smoking gives me a more complete feeling than just pure THC.

    I also get medical effects from using JWH-018 (sythentic cannabinoid), but that's another story...
  9. I recognize this is an old thread, but since someone else bumped it I figured I'd go ahead and respond to this.

    Don't have too much faith in Big Pharma...just because something is prescribed doesn't mean there aren't adverse side effects. Hell, there are many drugs that are prescribed that can ruin a persons life, or even cause the end of their life.

    Without the balance of the effects of the other cannabinoids found in cannabis naturally, THC can be too strong and, yes it can make a person sick and feel very uncomfortable.

    It really demonstrates how far the government has allowed this issue to get out of hand. They made a synthetic version of something that occurs naturally that isn't as effective, and why? they don't have to admit they're wrong and so that they can keep making money at the expense of our freedom(s).
  10. i think of it like sugar. you have natural sugar which is really good for you then there is the sweet and low or splenda and other shit which is proven to lead to cancer.
  11. watch the movie the union i thought their comparison was nice

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