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Synthetic pee..... DR GREENS AGENT X WORKS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jagermadness, May 6, 2017.

  1. So recently i was told to use Dr Green Agent X synthetic pee for a drug test and i was super sketch about and at first was gonna buy it just for the bottle which has a temperature reading on the front of the bottle and use someones pee instead of the fake pee. But was convinced it worked so i just went with it. So the place i had to go was US heathworks, which why they have the pee sample they send it to a lab. I warmed up the fake pee for about 10 seconds so it read at 100 degrees and then kept it in my arm pit for the whole time. Make sure to not wear a sweater because they make you take off any jacket or sweater which makes it difficult to keep the pee in the armpit while taking the stuff off in front of the person if you decide to go that way in which that's what happened to me but i pulled it off. so i went to the bathroom poured it in came out and it read 98 degrees which was perfect but any where from 90 to 100 they accept. Then she poured them into 2 separate bottles and selaed them up in a bag for shipping to lab. THE NEXT 4 DAYS were hell for me thinking it wasn't gonna work after reading so many things on forums and ect with fake pee and lab testing. So i waited 3 days and felt like my job shouldve knew if i passed or not but got no answer and i emailed HR. Now the next day which is day 4 i called in the morning and got the BEST NEWS EVER. They said i passed and he even said he sent an email the 3rd day but forgot to press send! LOL jerk. So now i landed the best job i ever had THANKS to DR GREENS AGENT X. GUYS it works even with labs!!!!!!
  2. I got a promotion and it came with a surprise UA. I got Agent X and hoped for the best. I had to go to Labcorp and was freaking out because it got sent off to the lab. My husband had successfully used it twice before but it was always a test strip on the spot, never lab. I just got word today I passed!! Hope this helps someone else. ☺
  3. Monkey bizziness works well to

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