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Synthetic cannabinoids as a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Agovita, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. :smoke: <-- this is me, I've been blazing for several years, and my tolerance is reaching astronomical limits, so I'm trying to seriously cut back for a bit.

    Now, I'm really, really bad at not smoking weed. I'm bored as fuck in this town (leaving soon) and thus, when I'm sober this place and inhabitants drive me insane. It mellows me out a lot.

    So, I'm trying to use synthetic cannabis products as a tolerance break, cheating if you will. Is it gonna work? :confused: (either way, I couldn't find a bag of herb:rolleyes:)
  2. ugh, i didnt really like that shit when i smoked it, it was all the paranoia, none of the euphoria of smoking real weed. Thats just me though.
  3. Do you have salvia divinorum where you live? Mushrooms?

    Day one can be a mushroom trip lol or maybe visit another reality with salvia.
  4. This thread is going to be deleted, we cannot talk about synthetic cannabinoids.

    However, i've smoked them before and they get me pretty high, and I guess it would work during a T-break since it's not the same thing.
  5. Yes, They work to supress a tolerance break from being shitty. My friend who can't smoke anymore because of legal trouble smokes SYN and other types of synthetic cannabinoids for the past few months, and anytime he smoke's weed its a completely different high. He said lately though if he smokes he doesn't feel like he get's super high off a little bit. He thinks its because he knows the high of marijuanna all to well and that's what he expects from it. anyways, im in the same boat as him now and i'll be turning to syn a couple times a week just to take off the edge.

  6. Thanks. I Pmd an admin a few days ago asking if I could do an in depth review, but since I didn't get a response I didn't want to mention the product.

    I actually used to grow Salvia (it's a bitch) and have a ton of leftover foliage... unfortunately, salvia has nowhere near marijuana's effects, plus the taste I simply cannot handle. I've smoked it a few times, and a few times it made me throw up (the taste).

    It is close to shroom season, but same thing... I don't want to do shrooms to relax, ya know?
  7. Double post, deal with it. Someone said something about paranoia, something I have literally, not once experienced while smoking. I'm a very level headed guy. I loaded the dishwasher a while ago, and started cooking tacos... I left the kitchen, came back, and heard the noise of a chopper outside, directly over my house. Thinking they were looking for grows, I proceeded to run outside, where, interestingly, the noise faded slightly. Thought it was just a regular chopper flying overhead.
    Went inside.
    Heard it again.
    Freaked out.
    It was my dishwasher.

  8. Well doesn't salvia only last for like around 10 min? If OP is truly just bored of his town, killing 10 min tripping isn't gonna solve his overall problem :p
  9. Okay, so I have a pretty extensive background for the stuff. A while earlier this year I would smoke that shit almost everyday. It's a little different than smoking weed, but it definitely will get you high, sometimes to the point that its scary. I've had a few bad experiences with it myself. Namely, one time I was smoking Jeffrey, pretty much the strongest of spice you can buy, I actually though i was like an alien robot that wasn't from earth and that my whole life was a lie. I was in my basement room like crying and yelling "What's wrong with me?!":eek::laughing: Haha. Looking back on it now it's almost funny, but at the time I was tripping the fuck out. It's almost made me puke a few times. That shit can be crazy at times, trust me man.
  10. Synthetic weed contains full cannabinoid antagonists whereas weed contains only partial cannabinoid antagonists so basically synthetic weed will burn you out even faster than weed will. So basically the worst thing you can do to lower tolerance is smoke synthetic weed.

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