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  1. Do any of you guys reading this have synesthesia? i was wondering because i'm a psych major and i wanted to know if you believe smoking weed effects synesthesia in any way.
  2. I had to google it to find out what it was (I still barely know) But I am quite confident Idon't got it
  3. lol i'm pretty sure i have ordinal linguistic personification, a type of synthesia. pretty sure that isn't what you're looking for, though
  4. I don't know anything about marijuana's effects on it, but isn't synesthesia that disease/condition where you see colours due to music?
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    I don't have it but I was watchng something that talked about it and I thought that was so cool how our brains work the way they do and are so complex and intrecit but sit in complete darkness, silence, no sense of touch, smell, taste, and there are probably many other types of senses that we could have but don't. And that a small blob of jelly made the world we perceive as real and can make consciousness, could ponder the depths of space, and not only the world around us but everything from suns thousands of time larger than our own to particles at the subatomic level and I could go on for literally hours about my fascination with the brain and how it works but I'll save that for another time.
  6. Definition?
    I tried looking it up and I'm just confused.
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    my eyes see in different shades?
    left one is "brighter" and right has a septa tint to it. when im high i find myself amused by the deformity but when im sober i hardly notice it.

    ps: the shades blend when both eyes are open. i'm sure most you knew that, im just clarifying that so people dont think im vision impaired.
  8. I think everyone has synesthesia some realize it some not. For example I subconsciously assign colors to my life experiences....

  9. yes i do ...but it is related to my epilepsy(tle)......not to the weed;):smoking:
    psych major huh?

    you may benefit from/enjoy reading this.....
    Complex Partial Seizures Present Diagnostic Challenge - Psychiatric Times

    a cupple excerpts...

  10. Couple things here.

    1) Stupid pictures are not a response. Don't be a smart-ass, have something to say.

    2) Can't discuss other drugs...remember? So poster above please read the rules.

    3) It's a real thing, has been known about for YEARS, just because you aren't aware of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Don't show your own ignorance by typing stupid stuff.

  11. all depends on the picture.....;):smoking:
    some say alot more then others....

    i do believe the one will was referring to didnt say much other then......"this is really the best response this poster can come up with...."

    you see...when the pic is actually relevant to the conversation.....
    it is a whole different story......;)

  12. Uh...maybe, but if those words have no bearing on the topic, it's just spam.

    Why does every topic have to be 'fun'? Where's the 'fun' in this topic? Oh yeah, it's actually a serious topic, imagine that. Sorry for doing the job of keeping things on topic. Gosh, a-mighty, go to 4Chan if all you want is fun.
  13. the op came looking for serious responses....
    on a subject they are trying to learn about....
    looking for real experiences....

    edit: erased the rest as slinger has it handled....
  14. fact is we no longer allow these pointless troll actions on Gc..
    we have grown considerably and we cant allow this activity any longer
  15. You know getting back to the topic...sometimes I taste "green." Seriously. Some foods just tell my brain that they're green, obviously. I think it's the chlorophyl though.

    I do get it though, I kind of wish I had the ailment, but I think it would seriously fuck with your thought processes.

    I actually have a bit more to say (which is why I get upset when a good topic gets derailed by stupid shit) but I gotta run to work for a lil while.
  16. for everyone who doesnt know what the hell synesthesia is -

    Neuroscience for Kids - Synesthesia
  17. yeah i always wondered what it would be like to have it since i did a report on it in anatomy haha. But if i remember correctly depending on the severity of your case some people can become overwhelmed easily with it
  18. If you saw sound that would blow it would be so hard to drive it would be like driving on acid.

  19. mine are the same way! O.O i just thought one eye was a little off for everyone!
  20. ^^ same here my right eye has a more sepia type look where it shows extra red/dark colours and my left eye seems to pick up blue alot more? i wonder why

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