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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by eric122, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever experienced this amazing gift? I had it when i first started getting high and it was the most mind blowing thing ever. I loved listening to the music with my eyes closed watching the colors and shapes take me to another world.
  2. yeah CEVs (Closed Eye Visuals). They're fun as hell haha. Yeah i used to see a music video of the song that was playing. Ahh, the days of zero tolerance.
  3. I know it was amazing!!! i wish i still got that effect.
  4. I never had this happen to me. When im super baked ill put in some cudi and zone out and close my eyes shit is crazy but i never get any distinct colors but i saw shapes lol
  5. cudi is amazing to listen to when high his words and beats just make being high perfect. The synesthesia only happened when i was new to smoking me n my friend would toke n his dads truck and chillax.
  6. If I clear my mind and stare into darkness, I see the colours and shapes too.
  7. It was like a mental orgasm.
  8. im pretty sure synesthesia is not something related to marijuana use. the effects can be similar, but its not the same thing.

    my best friend has synesthesia and he doesn't smoke.
    he sees colors, and in a rough quote, "the colors are dependent on the mood of the sounds of a song."

  9. That is how i would describe it some songs were so mellow and awesome while some literally scared me.
  10. Synesthesia is open-eye visuals while music is playing, without the use of drugs, I would imagine
  11. listen to good pink floyd when your high
    eyes closed

  12. Well synesthesia like effects closed eye visuals as the other guy said might be the case.
  13. pink floyd is pretty trippy with eyes open. i was just staring off into space when listening to comfortably numb
  14. yeah it has nothing to do with weed, my friend has it.
    he sees colours when he listens to music and he gives numbers a sex. like he'll see the number 7 as a feminine number. pretty badass.
  15. Ive been wondering is your name related to the song echoes?
    Also i cant remember if ive ever experienced this on MJ, go figure:smoke:
    LSD is another story bud:D
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