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  1. Anyone else here gifted to have and experience blending of senses?

    For me music evokes colour, feelings, some images as in shapes and "clips" usually a little blurry but definitely there. As well as some sounds producing a texture feeling.

    I know i have more complex forms of it too, i just haven't fully evaluated it yet.
  2. That happened to me the time i tried mescaline. It's pretty insane, almost indescribable. The best way I could describe it was seeing sound and hearing color.
  3. It sounds fun to experience, but I guess I'm to normal to experience it sober.
  4. Long songs with lots of depth are so incredible to me. I get like little movies playing with the song, and if I'm stoned. I get Way to immersed into the song. I wonder what would happen if i tried mescaline.
  5. i kind of do that too...when im high, no matter wild and insane the lyrics are, i can always think of a story or something that makes sense with them... weird :eek:
  6. I was actually thinking of making a movie like this, maybe like a movie thats just songs that go along with it maybe some words what do u guys think.
  7. i dunno if i had this exactly but when i was trippin on salvia the song time by pink floyd was playing and it tripped me out so bad i was having hallucinations to go along with the words, it only happend on that song though, tightest thing ever
  8. Sound evokes shape, form, and movement. Different tones have different "distances", positions, or sources relative to my concious, some sound as if they were descending to me, others come up from below, and some are on my plane level with my thoughts...
  9. i love it, sometimes ill try to create it visually or write a song about a song. Just because of the things I'm thinking and seeing during it in the back of my mind. Very vivid.
  10. I'm sure it's happened when i've done shrooms or acid. I'll have to remember next time I hallucinate.
  11. it is immpossible to describe, i had it so bad on dxm+acid it was AMAZING. evey sense like agggrivated all the others... it was nuts.
  12. i've only had it on acid listening to pink floyd, i could hear, feel and see every aspect of the music, and when the guitar peak hit in "echoes" it was like i had a body orgasm, fuckin amazing
  13. yea i have a mild case of that lol, i can taste certain colors and sounds.
  14. echoes is amazing to listen to, almost mystical. I love it. Early Floyd rocks!
  15. Word, the sound of bus chatter has tasted just like smoke to me to the point where i thought the bus was on fire, haha goodtimes i almost freaked out and ran off the bus.
  16. Some smells give me really weird tingles throughout my body. I guess thats sort of it. Also, occasionally a particular verse of a song will make the hair on my head move around (its strange but it feels cool). This is sober; I get all sorts of weird blendings on mushies if I'm drunk when I take them.

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