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Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Professor Oak, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I'm getting a kickin' urge to purchase some glass real soon, but I have a super tight budget right now so I'm thinking about getting this SYN beaker off ALT for the time being until I can afford something a little more extravagant. I haven't heard much about SYN so I'm really just wondering how the quality is and how well they usually smoke. I want something cheap but I want to also function really nice. Any info you guys can throw at me about SYN would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance blades!

    SYN in question:

  2. is that the 4mm or 5mm thick one? My buddy just bought the 4mm one with the perc for $110.
  3. It's 4mm thick.
  4. the $80 one? Seems to be a nice starter piece. I would rather pay these guys $80 than $80 at the LHS where you'd get something of much lesser quality.
  5. Yeah it's the $80 one. It will be my first legit GonG, so it does seem like a really nice piece to start with. I just want to know about the quality/functionality before I go off and buy it.
  6. SYN makes great glass man. I have a shower head stemless and an inline ash catcher by them and both pieces are top notch. Very solid construction and very durable. For your first piece I would say you are making a nice choice with anything from SYN. ust my 2 cents :wave:
  7. I dropped almost $400 on an SYN yesterday so they better be good lol.

    anyway yeah all i hear is good things about SYN so i figured its safe to spend that much.
  8. Professor Oak, i think you are my new favorite poster.
  9. Well thank you :wave:
  10. i second this statement
  11. Definitely go for the SYN; reasonably priced and no huge difference in quality from some of the bigger names.
  12. 80$ is really preety good price[​IMG]
  13. I say go for it! If you can wait like a week, I can let you know how my friend's is. The only difference is the added perc but that's $30 more.
  14. I hear they make nice quality glass and it's hard to go wrong with a simple beaker bottom so it'll function nice for sure. I can't comment much on the perc'd one since I haven't seen or heard much about em.
  15. Syn makes good glass. They milk up nice and quick, are durable, produce a clean hit that tastes good, and made with good quality glass. I would recommend a Syn to anyone. In your case, if you can wait and save an extra $30 to get a perc'd tube you will not regret it. You got good taste in glass :D
  16. Syn Fucking Rocks!!
  17. out for delivery i cant waaait.
  18. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Looks like SYN is a pretty solid choice and it also looks like I'll be ordering that beaker on Monday when I get my paycheck :D

    Now I can't wait. :devious:
  19. Bad news guys..my check wasn't enough to get the tube this week :( but most definitely getting it in the next two weeks when my next check comes, they gave me shit hours last week. Something new has come up though, I wrote SSFG on etsy about a simple beaker with a simpe diffuser and it would only be $110 for the tube and shipping. So now I have sort of a decision make, SSFG or SYN? Both are in the right price range, so it has to be one of the two.

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