SYN Tall Showerhead vs Vertigo stemline

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  1. so i'm stuck here...both of these bongs are are around the same price, and both seem like they do a pretty good job at filtration. so, if you've had any experience with either of these please feel free to give me some advice. also, if there any other bongs in under $300 that compare, let me know!

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  2. If your about to drop $300+ shipping, I would go to your LHS, if you have good one's that is and look around there. Can always haggle and what not.

    Sorry I don't really have info on those pieces. You could always youtube them and see if there are any vids with some user's reviews/also see it in motion
  3. i'd definitely check around here first but none of my lhs's sell high end glass, so ordering online would probably get me the best quality.
  4. I'm a fan of both of those, you can get quite a bit more for $300 though!
  5. 10 bucks more gets you the SG stemline...
  6. If he feels like waiting a couple months or paying $50 to join BM.
  7. Between those two I would get the SYN

    You can get a waffle for that much also
  8. I got my waffle for 300, I love it.
  9. Peep soul shine glass
  10. [quote name='"Shady-D"']10 bucks more gets you the SG stemline...[/quote]

    Yeah, I'd go for this. Or you can get a seriously sick piece from ssfg
  11. SYN obviously! Is this even a question ?!?!?

  12. Grab an SGW Waffle v2.

    Otherwise Vertigo if you are torn between just those two.

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