SYN Showerhead w/ SYN Inline Ashcatcher Milk Shot

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    ive had the tube for a while just picked up the ashcatcher for 160
    hits very nice
    let me know what u think or post what you smoke out every day

    [ame=]YouTube - 14" SYN Showerhead w/ SYN Inline Ashcatcher Milk Shot[/ame]
  2. i like the setup!
    are those the water levels you prefer i spose?
  3. the water level in the tube could be a little lower but i dont care either way haha i think it was just because the ice had melted
  4. anyone else care to share a milk shot vid?
  5. nice setup. :hello: i hope to get my syn showerhead in a few weeks! ill post a milk when i get it for sure!
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    here is my new piece...really simlar to the op's it from ssfg and its a fixed showerhead and inline a/c.

    Click the pic for video


    The second vid was right after the first vid...just forgo to blow the smoke at the camera...but it shows that showerhead and a/c better


    and btw op i dont want you to think i was hijacking ur thread. i was stoned as fuck when i posted these and i forgot to give you props on your fukin awsome SYN! i wish i could afford that. its an awsome looking piece! +rep
  7. gethighandgame sick setup and sick milk +rep

  8. thats a fucking incredible tube!
    are you able to get a macro video of the diffusion during a milk?
  9. i agree what a sick tube i want one how much and where did u get it?
  10. I mean.. i guess that bong is cool.. if you like filtering your hits.
  11. filtering and cooling down the smoke, yess
    bubbles like crazy!
  12. Id love to see what youre smoking out of with a comment like that:confused_2:

  13. thanks! :smoke: i just dont want to forget and not give the op rep. he has a really dope setup. ill see what i can do about the macro vid sometime this week.

    thanks! :bongin:i had Ray at SSFG make it. it was something he had never done before except for Shitloafs fixed showerhead beaker.

    i have never been so stoned in my life. with ice in it holy fuck! those two vids i had no burning after the clear... could have been a little bigger and i would have been even more messed up than i already was. and with ice shit 2 rips and the bowl that normally takes 4 is ash. i havent smoked a bong that you can take that big of a rip and not be hurting. so i smoke everything man j's spoons bubbler a cheap bong and the one above. and they are all fun and enjoyable. but there is nothing like a cold clean rip. it feels alomst like ur vaping then the thc hits ur brain...
  14. Your next investment should be a nice carbon filter (Roor or something similar), then you'd really be vaping. :cool:
  15. does anyone know the deal with syn? ive heard they went out of buisiness... but idk:confused:
    ive been waiting for them to restock the full size shower head at alt for a min now. i emailed them last week and they said 2 weeks and they would have more in. now they took them off their site completly...

  16. i have seen the carbon filters but i dont really know what they do. i read they keep ur glass really clean. ssfg sells one for not that much money...i might get one someday.
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    I have been wondering the exact same thing. Keep us updated on what they say!

    (ha first post, didn't even realize)
  18. Good stuff OP and good price on the A/C too, I got mine for like $15 more..oh well

    If you insist:smoke:
    When I first got the A/C in May

    [ame=]YouTube - newest edition[/ame]

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