SYN, Sheldon Black, Mike Fro and some chronic!

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  1. Went to my LHS yesterday thinking I was going to get a toro ash catcher for my SYN mini showerhead, but they didn't fit, and they were also out of the DEW worked inlines I was looking at. So I was just looking and I noticed they had an ENTIRE shelf of Sheldon Black tubes so i impulse bout one and love it! :D

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  3. I have that SB in the og platinum label and love it, it's great for solo seshes and snaps. Enjoy it man :bongin:
  4. Nice man, I really like the SB diffy's.
  5. ^^ yea dude, I've always hit the slit diffys because everyone in my area buys cheap glass. Def. a contributing factor in the purchase
  6. my SB downstem is the only one I've tried that seems to have just the right size of diffusion holes on the main body of the stem. The smaller size diffuses better than my .de RooR diffy, as well as my US Tubes diffy. Both of those have larger holes and don't break the bubbles down as well, not that they don't hit great too.

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