SYN Mini Showerhead

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    Ok, so I ordered this yesterday morning and payed for next day air...gotta love smoking something you just ordered 24 hours ago...:hello: It hits like a champ pretty smooth... could use some carbon maybe a precooler. Pics and milks later?

  2. Nice tube man! Id like to see some milk of that!
  3. Going to my LHS today to get a carbon adapter and hopefully a nice heady slide... all my WeedStar bowls have a massive hole and the piece fills way too time to cool. I'll charge the camera and you guys can see some glass porn:D.
  4. MILK! i've been contemplating this tube i love the worked shower head.
  5. That's beautiful i have been wanting to get one of those also.. Post a milk vid.. Anxious too see it in action
  6. Sexyyyyyy:):hello:

    Get some milks up when ya get the chance.;)
  7. Damn next day air I bet that was costly.

    But alteast you'll be tokin soon! :smoke:
  8. After another session with the stock bowl out of this thing I can honestly say it was a sound investment. Not a whole lot of bubble porn to watch because of the worked piece but the sound is amazing and it clears really fast. It's also a lot of fun to watch people hit it. The way the water moves in the piece is insane. Not to mention it really delivers a great hit.

    Went to the LHS and they had crap for slides and didn't have any carbon adapters so I think i'm gonna adventure to another local shop here in a bit and see what they have to offer. I'm gonna iso bath this thing and get it looking nice for you guys and then post some pics.
  9. grats man :)
  10. We need a milk vid!
  11. nice man! cant wait to get my taxes back lol thats my new bong money ha
  12. Nice looking bong
  13. KK So after my trip to the shop i found a new carbon adapter so that needs to be solved yet but I'm going to let the camera charge some more and then I'll be posting everything that you guys want.
  14. Like a nice milk vid? :D :D
  15. Okay so nearly 4 hours later I'm back with what I've promised. Here's some photos of it.


    Glass is a little nasty here...woops

    The bowl is from a LHS.
  16. And here's some vids the firs one is just some water action, 2nd is a close up milk on the perc and the other 2 are milks first one is me second is my friend.




  17. very jealous...the manager of my LHS is meeting with the SYN reps at CHAMPS in feb. I hope to pick up either one of these or an SGW waffle when he gets back...after reading through this i'm leaning towards the SYN
  18. nice glass homie! i was thinking bout reviewing one of these on my show....
  19. Hell yeah man, that deserves some rep. That's crazy they got it to you in 24 ish hours. :D I'm sure you payed a pretty penny. Anyways Nice tube.

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