SYN mini showerhead or HiSi u perc?

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  1. If you're looking for better diffusion go with the SYN

    The showhead stacksss
  2. the HISI looks very cool . But im curious how much water needs to be put in ??? It seems that their is some sort of perc on the tube part of the bong, so do you put the water all the way up to that or whats going on?
  3. its a u perc, smoke goes though a hole in the side of the bell shape and through the water at the bottom and perc grid of 15 holes or so i think, and out the top of the perc to the rest of the tube
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    i own the mini showercap...matter of fact i just bought my second one green blue label tipped while cleaning....sad day...last week haha. You will not be disappointed. It stacks. Even in day old still delivers crisp smooth hits.

    Edit: I got mine with the splashguard for 290 at my local shop after tax. 260 you're gonna be getting the one with no splash guard, but not much water is needed. Either way you'll be happy...splashguard or not.

  5. awesome tube man
  6. I appreciate it bro...If you're looking for high end, but nothing crazy on the's the way to go. Syn is nice and solid. Happy toking. Peace and love.
  7. definitely the SYN, hands down. also since its 90 degree and 18mm you could get a very nice ashcatcher for it later on if you wanted. 45degree ashcatchers tend to be lower quality and lower diffusion than their 90 degree counterparts
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    syn showerhead ftw. I got one last month and love it. $300 at a lhs.

    Edit: compared mine to smokingsections and looks like syn lowered the joint, which is awesome.

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    Damn 300 for the worked cap too? Lucky bastard. VA prices suck. But I ball kinda so it's all good lol.

    Well...what's funny is..if you check my thread in the stash blue label has a different joint completely...this Green one is more reinforced where as the one pictured below I had that tipped had a thinner joint and a thin separate bridge holding it...hard to is my other one.....Either way OP...sorry to jack the thread...just showing you the quality...I've never hit a Hi-Si....But I own several Syn bubblers, tubes and these 2 showerheads. GET IT, OP! lol.



  10. syn /thread
  11. That perc Is a deal breaker Forsure. Get the syn
  12. I picked up a worked Syn mini for 260 and I can definitely tell you its worth the price OP.
  13. Hell yea. Don't get me wrong....I want a nice SG or SWB later on...But for the price and features...You won't need to upgrade if you're content with what you have. The most I'd do is get a nice a/c for it. Maybe a carbon filter.
  14. May be a little off topic, but too anyone who has the mini showerhead, do you know if theres much difference between tat and the full size? ive been thinking about syn recently but im not sure if i should be saving up to get the full size or not...

  15. I think it's like a 2-3 inch difference. never hit the fullsize, but my mini rips pretty hard
  16. good to hear. If the smaller one rips fine, i'll probably go with that... the price difference is decently big so it would take me longer to save up for the full size.
  17. Well...I've only owned the Minis...and my a few inches off my 18inch Toro. The Mini is a pretty damn good size for a daily/ or just for fun. Crushed ice and you can fill the whole tube up. no splash if you don't OD the water levels. I coulda bought the full...But I don't like all that pulling going on from such a long neck all of the time. I say buy a mini...100 dollars cheaper..And you'll still be amazed every time you hit it. Just look at the pics i posted for OP of both of mine. They're a good size my man.
  18. [quote name='"Bouldorado"']

    I think it's like a 2-3 inch difference. never hit the fullsize, but my mini rips pretty hard[/quote]

    The mini has something like 32 slits whereas the full sized has 52 or more I think. Wider can at the bottom, I think the full-sized is 60 or 75mm and mini is 50mm bore, and like you said the full-sized is a little taller.
  19. a Reverse SYN Shower Head would be my next pickup. I have an SG Stemline now.
    I also have a NameBrand AC 90* 18mm.
    It has a showerhead very similar to SYN in design. So dope.

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