SYN Inline Ashcatcher

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  1. Sorry about the fuzzy picks, i took them on a camera phone.

    Tell me what you guys think.

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  2. to me it looks like really thin glass.
    but sick none the less. i need me an ashcatcher.
  3. does look pretty thin but looks can be deceiving
    nice pick up! I'm jealous I don't have a cool inline...
  4. its pretty sturdy, the pics are just really bad haha. the dude at the shop said it was 5mm thick glass.
  5. weird design but nice.
  6. Looks a bit awkward how it's put's it hit?
  7. yeah, it wasnt really on straight when i snapped the photo. i'll try and take some better picks with better lighting.

    It hits really smooth. a bit more drag then im used to, but rightely so. 2 rips of dank on this thing and im blazed.
  8. Holes or slots on the inline?
  9. Is that thing double diffused? Looks like you can put water where that first downstem goes.

  10. ya it is.
  11. Did you get that @ smoke911 on Holcomb?
  12. slots

    here are a few more photos i just took.

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  13. nah, blue rat smoke shop off cheshire bridge road. right there in little five.
  14. How much that piece of artwork run you. If you don't mind me asking.:smoke:
  15. picked it up for $160
  16. its going to be hard to keep clean, but thats the consequence haha. i think its worth it though, it hits very smooth.

    also, it just makes hitting the bong fun, if that makes sense.

  17. Ouch-- Spork inlines run 40-50 less, and for that price you could have a Wildrok 3-piece. You're happy with it and that is the main thing. Nice inline, enjoy.
  18. it was worth every penny in my opinion. like i said, the pictures don't do the piece any justice.

    the only bad thing about it is that it tips my bong over because its so heavy.
  19. They have a syn inline with a tree perc at my local shop but they want 450$

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