Syn Full Sizeshowerhead perfect water level.

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  1. anybody know the best water level? ive been missing around and im starting to like less water. alot less drag when the water is just right above the slits.
  2. Yea i do the same thing. I just fill mine just above the slits in the showercap and that seems to be the best water level I have found thus far. showercaps = greatness :hello:
  3. This. Makes those rips feel so natural, its just like taking a normal breath
  4. agreed. a little over the slits. almost halfway to the stem. does better diffusion imo this way as well....slices it into a mist...
  5. i have a fullsize syn stemless i like messing /w the water lvl, try putting double the normal amount of water and milk it, you wont even feel the hit.
  6. Uh, so putting a showercap on your head makes for a better high?

    Does it hold in the THC around your brain longer?

    If I don't cut slits in the showercap, will my brain explode from trying to hold in all that THC around my head?

    Sorry man, just couldn't resist fucking with you. :D:wave:
  7. I fill mine a little higher than just a little above the slits. I have my water level about a half inch higher than the slits. She looks like this when she bubbles. :smoking:

  8. d-d-d-dank.
  9. i LOVE that shot of the showercap, shows the power of diffusion.
  10. ^^ahaha, thanks! My girlfriend knows how to take some dank pictures, and of course I don't mind having to be the subject of the photoshoot. :smoking:
  11. Am I using too much water?
    [ame=]Personal :: 041.flv video by MidwestKind - Photobucket[/ame]
  12. Haha its all good lol :)
  13. i find the best level for me is about a quarter inch or a tiny bit more above the slits

  14. No, that's an excellent water level IMO for that bubbler. Though the bubbler and the fixed stem showercap work completely different from one another, I believe that your water level is spot on! :smoking:
  15. that bub looks like the EXACT opposite of the fixed stem, bubbles and stack outside as opposed to mashin together inside.

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