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  1. I made a thread a little while ago trying to decide between the syn beaker and syn straight. I was persuaded that it would pretty much be a waste of money and to get the showerhead in stead.

    I wanted to make an offical thread asking what people think I should get the full or mini showerhead. I will be buying it and a DD slide from *** during their black Friday sale.

    I personally like look of the full size better and I'm leaning toward that but the mini is $150 cheaper.
    Eventually I will be adding a double showerhead to my collection but that would be at least a year or so down the road and wouldn't be the next piece I bought anyway.

    Whats everyone's opinion?
  2. Full size, all day long. I absolutely LOVE mine. I mean LOVE. I honestly think that this is a very underrated piece. Pretty damn smooth, nice size hits, but most of all ZERO drag. Zero. I'll say it again: Zero drag.

    In short, get the full size and don't look back. Mine has the larger bore tube up top, I believe 45mm (it's 5 more than normal), but that is just my personal preference.

    Here is a nice vid of it in action and Chubb's opinion on it (love Chubbs too :) )

    [ame=]Chubbs And Sylvia Breaking In My New Syn Bong - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Yeah haha I have seen that vid many times. Love chubbs too

    how much did you pay for yours? what slide do you use?

    have you ever hit a mini?
  4. Mini, no. Closet I've come is a showerhead AC on a J hook. Still hits nice as hell. I paid a little under $400 I think. Like $350 for the tube, maybe $20 for shipping? Its been a minute since I bought it. I still use the original slide, but I am partial to single bowl bong tokes. Not really a fan of hittin' somebody's old beat bowl.

    You'd be surprised how much you can fit in the original bowl, probably enough for 4 solid rips give or take. Maybe 6-7 tops, if you pack it in real good. I just like the shape of the original bowl, it burns very evenly so you can snap the whole thing in one hit.

    The main reason I vote full size is that it is so EASY to clear you can still take a small hit and have no trouble clearing it whatsoever. I see absolutely no reason for a mini unless you want a piece for oil dabs. For bud only, full size has my vote for the option of having huge rips. With this bong, it is so easy to get the type of hit you desire just from how you pull on it.

    But it'll still kick my ass if I don't respect it :bongin:
  5. it just depends on how much your looking to spend. I love my mini. as with the full it has zero drag. I got the mini because it is smaller and I wanted a daily driver that was just straight and not a blown out straight. either way your going to love it, bubbles stack so nice and such a smooth hit. I think my mini has 27-28 slits. really it's about the cash you want to spend, both are amazing pieces that you will not regret.
  6. Yeah see it is 450 now on *** and during their sale it will be 10% off so like 420 with shipping. I wish it was only 350 i would have already bought it.
    where did you buy it from?
  7. I have a heady mini I LOVE, I did add a carbon filter and disc diffused slide though. i think stock syn slides are crap. I wanted not a huge piece either and its good size like 16" tall but wow does t hit amazing took it over to some friends that have a straight tube illadelph and they where amazed how awesome the syn was.
  8. I got it from ***. Had it since before last Christmas (my present to myself :D). Honestly, I would still have no problem paying $450. It is a very nice quality piece. And I recommend the platinum, looks sweet! The label is actually encased in the glass, not on the surface.
  9. Yeah i was gonna get a luke wilson DD or a PHX honeycomb. How big of a difference did the carbon filter add.

    did they have a sale?

    Yeah I think I'm gonna buy it on the black friday sale so it will be around 405 before shipping. Im getting the purple and white label I think its sweet.

    The full is around 15.5inches so still not to big
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    I dont think you can go wrong with either slide. I almost got a phx hineycomb but got a worked piece from my lhs instead.

    The biggest thing the carbon filter adds is less cleaning. My water is clear after and tube tube looks great. I clean the tube it every 1/4 normally and its still pretty clean so I could go longer. Mine is a roor as thats all they had. I like how it has a little blue dot as it matches my slide and tube where its worked.

    When I saw the full I did not like the size diffence but thats just my preference. I almost got a double showerhead mini but my lhs made me a great deal on the worked piece. I have a bubbler for small, syn for mid-size, and will probably get something big now that I have my other 2 straight.
  11. I wish my LHS had syn Id be all over that, but i'm out in Florida. What do you mean you didnt like the size difference? the full was to big? or not worth the $$$?
  12. The full syn bigger like more than I wanted. Thankfully my lhs has 2 locations and they normally have syn

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