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  1. I have a 45 by 5mm syn beaker bottom, no perc. I really want to get a showerhead downstem and i have no clue what size to get. Could someone please help me with this? Also, what are some other good downstems? Thanks and peace.
  2. A picture would help, but I'm going to say your joint size is either 14mm or 18.8mm. I have a left coast straight tube paired with the showerhead downstem it came with, and its pretty nice. Alex K showerhead downstems are very nice as well, but there are also Sovereignty 180 degree gridded downstems that are primo.
  3. Get a ruler and measure it
  4. [​IMG]

    ^^Most place measure from the top of the male joint to the bottom like the diffy like that ^^

    others measure it from the bottom of the male joint to the bottom of the diffy like this:

    measure your downstem both ways then check on the website that you are ordering from to see how they measure it.
  5. Thanks dudes. Helped alot. Its a 4 inch. Also, i have an ashcatcher with it, no perc. Should i get a shower head downstem for that too? Or would it not really make a difference?
  6. It definitely wouldn't hurt to get the extra showerhead :smoke:
  7. yeah measure that badboy frm either the top or bottom of the grind.. to the back corner of the tube.

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