Syn dome perc water levels

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  1. I have a syn straight tube, 14 inches, dome perc, 45mm diameter tube. I film the bottom chamber where the downstem goes in and since the tube is so small so I don't need much water. So when I clear the piece the water from the bottom chamber goes up into the dome perc chamber and thus the water level in the bottom chamber goes below the slits in the downstem and I have to fill it like 10 times per smoke session. Is there anyway to prevent this, it's really annoying and any help will help, thanks.
  2. Well if youre putting your water as low as possible, i can only think of two options. Clear the bong slowly so it doesnt splash up, or remove your downstem to clear it. Kinda lame of SYN to put out a tube with an obvious functionality flaw, but hey you get what you pay for..cough..dome perc.. Hopefully you can figure out something and make it work for you :)
  3. Pull out the downstem and blow into your bong and the perc water level will go down O: rocket science!
  4. my girl has this same piece. just dont clear it as hard, you dont need to act like your clearing a 2 footer. one easy inhale clears that thing no problem
  5. I figured these would be the only Solutions. I just thoughts the there would be some mysterious secret to fix it. I'm thinking about selling it and getting an A L T glass shower head perc straught tube. Thanks guys.

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