SYN Airstrike w/ashcatcher

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  1. Heres my new SYN Airstrike with circ perc ashcatcher, runs for 650 sticker prices.
    beautiful setup, bent neck is perfect, rips awesome when standing
    15" tall
    shit stacks too
    Got 18 to 18mm adapter with dome and Ti nail, will get some clean shots of that ish up soon.
    clean pic

    milk shot
    [ame=""]SYN Airstrike Bong Milk Shot - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Beautiful pic, Bro. And amazing music. People don't know that those dope chill, hip hop beats rock on a milk shot video.
    Just got me a triple nested showerhead and getting rid of a few other Syns to make room.
    I wanted one of those or that reactor...maybe later on.
    How's it compare to a regular showerhead, if you've ever hit one?
    Nice milk.
  3. Well from what i was told, its a this is a fat showerhead with a ratchet perc along the outside so it travels through both, its like a showerhead x2 basically, i think. My buddy is getting a reactor, i suggest either one they both pull fucking perfect.
    Compared to the showerhead, i have pulled a strait syn showerhead and a syn double shower (one upside down), this pulls nicer than both, especially with the circ.

    Song is Blue Scholars check em out this was just an instrumental, they from Seattle
  4. Heres another better milk shot
    [ame=]Clean SYN Milked - YouTube[/ame]

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